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  1. tminus89

    My Art

    I basically doodle, go over with India Ink, color in with colored pencils, then post them on my website http://thecomicuniverse.com/
  2. Hello people! My name is Matt and I'm new to this site. I'm a college student who prefers to doodle instead of paying attention during class. As for why I'm on this site, I would love any and all constructive criticism. I ask anyone to just check out my profile gallery or my website http://thecomicuniverse.com/ and feel free to let me know how I can improve or what you see is working. I don't see myself pursuing the life of an artist, but I really enjoy making art and wish to be good at it.
  3. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! You can get a free upgrade to the Full Members group, simply by uploading some art or photography, posting some comments or even just uploading a profile picture. Enjoy the site!

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      Thanks for uploading your art - and welcome to the Full Members group!

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      What happened to you? Come back!

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