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    Hello my artist friends, plezd to meet you all.
    I love snapping shots of nature,. And, showing them
    off. Not to mention entering my shots in contests for
    cold hard cash cha ching.. never have an ordinary day
    motivate your world everyday..
    hugs to all...

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  1. Hello again.. just found this thread as you can seeeee. I love art, drawing, and doodling,.... my fav. is "Never have an ordinary day" consider changing your perspective and create happiness for urself. I love life, nature and **daring to be different** If are in an abusive relationship.. get out of it now and report the abuser. You deserve much better.. we are root'n for ya... Hugs to allllll artqween *We all deserve happiness*
  2. A birthday party thread... I call dibs on a 10 tier chocolate cake.... a recycling foam plates, napkins, cups,....
  3. Hello hello hello frienz.. FREE SHIPPING ALERT http://www.zazzle.com/nikla01 ;););)

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  4. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! You are now a Full Member of the Forums, so any uploading restrictions you may have experienced should have now been lifted.

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