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  1. Ivo

    Fernando Amorsolo - Princess Urduja - 1956

    It is an amazing picture... You can see how the human body didn't change much. caricaturist
  2. Ivo

    Norm Darwish Photograph

    Sound interesting...
  3. Ivo

    Death, An Essay I Wrote

    'I believe his spirit is here watching over my family and me.' Yes that is definitely what is happening and it is future proof.
  4. Ivo

    Rose with no thorn

    Great image... really amazing staff. Your father is a great artist. I wish main was like that...
  5. The video is great however you need to work on your line. You need confidence so keep practising and you will get it.
  6. Ivo

    Steelers painting advice

    Well if hi likes the Steelers he will love the painting.
  7. Ivo

    Painting Outdoors on a Full Pallet Field Day

    Wow that is something I like. You can see the professionalism coming out of the painting.
  8. Ivo

    Live to Rock

    Yes it is something really hot.
  9. Ivo

    Art website | comments appreciated

    Please change the background of your website. It is really to much bright colours and it difficult to enjoy toy other art.
  10. Ivo

    My creations blog comments or suggestions

    Well, your work is very bright and colourful. I like it.
  11. Wow there are some beautiful photos you created. The most impressive are the "autumn in the park". It must of been amazing to be there an capture the moment. caricaturist
  12. Ivo


    Well, guys you are so lucky to have this distractions you have. Imagine moving homes as the new home had to be scraped down and refurbished completely for just a mount time. Most of the things done by myself with a bit of a help of plumber and tiler. It is done and that was the greatest time I had for years. Now back to drawing and paintings. Great Fun. caricatures from photos
  13. Ivo

    Google May Change Things.

    Yes You are absolutely right! Very greedy indeed. Everything is sell, sell, money, money. They do not care about any small business at all. caricaturist
  14. Ivo

    Mastering the track, online

    Well, That was good to know. Thanks.
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