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  1. Paula Bettam


    a place for all my pictures in this medium
  2. From the album: oils

    hi i did this a while a go useing oils on boxed canvas xx
  3. wow your art work is so vivid and lively beatiful work xx
  4. Paula Bettam

    Window With A View

    very well done you are really drawn into looking through the window love your colours also xx
  5. thanks very much i think i may spell it wrong it is very similar to water colours but thicker and stronger colours xx
  6. Paula Bettam

    water colours /gouche

    a place for all my paintings in this medium xx
  7. hi beatiful detail i love those eyes xx
  8. very cool and creative brillant work xx
  9. Paula Bettam


    this a place for all my paintings in this medium
  10. From the album: arylic

    hit his is a paint by numbers in acrylics it is how i started to paint after a long time of on boxed canvas
  11. hi wow amazing i love everything about this one form paula
  12. hi these are very pretty lovley colours xx
  13. hi i love it how this works amazing work xx
  14. hi very spooky and very cool love it xx
  15. hi this is a beatiful painting i love the reflections well done xx
  16. me and my mark have got a bet if he dosent mention his stuffed leopard or the raf he gets a pound if he does i get a pound i wonder who will win xx

  17. hi me and liam going to aston villa to see bon jovi sooo excited

  18. hi i think you did a good job may be it would be foamy as its crashing into the stones i realy like it you captured the movement of the water well done xx
  19. Paula Bettam

    a drift

    hi smb glad you like my water effect good luck with soft pastels if you succeed i would love it to see it xx
  20. Paula Bettam

    a drift

    thanks smb it went ok i had some nice comments thanks for yours tke care xx
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