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  1. Clingy bestfriends are the best ✨💕 ily @FrannesJavier https://t.co/wOyzhEqUXS

  2. Simbako @Pepaaaaaaaaayy https://t.co/c4Lm4HGkcu

  3. Hahahaha @FrannesJavier

  4. Medyo bastos https://t.co/GEEakhHkY3

  5. @andresanchan :((( abi nako ga drama ka

  6. @jamespalos go ate james idol jod tika

  7. @kirikoykyle @turtlearly wag nang mag expect namakakagala yang si earl, kyle hahahaha masasaktan ka lang

  8. RT @biticonjustine: what...does this even....mean....i dont....understand??????????????? https://t.co/vq56qqTiYD

  9. RT @SexualGif: It's honestly disappointing that people had to make these to prevent rape... https://t.co/Eg9nWINLQN

  10. @maybem0nica @Brandonwoelfel @tantarantantany ermrrrgrrd


  12. @_yvannago @iamAndalioLoisa doesnt look like her

  13. RT @InaAlmonte: In and around Fremont ✌🏻️ https://t.co/k6Azo6fvbT

  14. @ExoticScenery sohoton @tantarantantany

  15. @PsychoGF_ mayta in ani lang ni karon ang probs hahahahah @tantarantantany

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