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  1. There you go... Now, with an image title, a bit of a description (with translation, courtesy of Google) - and some key words!! Keep these coming!
    Image title and just a little bit of description? Maybe a few keywords... All of these things will get you images more views. More views on your images will also help artfreaks.com to survive for another month or two? This site is costing me a lot of money... Please make some sort of an effort, if you want this website to survive until next month??
  2. smb


    47-1-P9040059.JPG is not a very good image title... Who will search for that?? Come on, Waaj... Make an effort! Or don't expect to see this website around for much longer...
  3. smb


    Title? Image description? Come on! Help me out here... Please?!!
  4. smb

    Manila, Philippines

    Just a few photographs of street scenes, people, street-life, buildings, rooftops, on-going construction and other views in and around the City of Manila, Philippines
  5. smb


    Well this may take some time... Out in the sticks in Denmark!
  6. smb

    Earning an honest living...

    Holding the door for someone else... Seperating your garbage... That's someone else's problem? Right? Not yours?????
  7. Beautiful purple flowers with lovely little orange centres. It would be so lovely if the owner of this image was to tell us just a little bit about it? The image title and description can be in any language you like... Anything at all is better than 1040227-001.jpg?!!
  8. The light! The moment. The complex beauty of the seedhead. And Haslemere is... That way!!
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