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  1. Here we go... Safety first in the Philippines... Apart from zero PPE, this guy even feels the need for a bit of a kip between letting go our ropes...

  2. Anchor on board! :D Whoever this belonged to, managed to wreck a grand total of three cables in the Singapore Strait... And, I believe, the cable owners will be quite pleased with this little piece of evidence!

  3. Sembawang, Singapore. I have fond memories of this place, from back in 1975!! ('Just been loading cable for a job, out in the Malacca Straits...)

  4. And now they are playing Shaggy... It is going to be difficult to go home! :)

  5. Welcome back!
  6. Old and new... Construction, construction and more construction! All we need now is the new airport, (with rail-air link, of course) - and a decent skytain network.

  7. Te smb sounds good to me!

  8. Great stuff! Keep these coming...
  9. Not much changed!!

  10. อาหารไทย Thai lunch!

  11. Malamig! ...Kahit sa loob!!!

  12. Grrrrh...!!! So this is what I came to the UK for!!!

  13. Tap Station na naman!

  14. Thailand has the best dancers... By far!! :D

  15. Nearly time for some of this! 'Can't wait!!! :D