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  1. Work sounds good to me right now... I just need to watch out for those lying recruiters!!
  2. This is an awesome site for anyone who is remotely interested in any form of art - including amateur photographers, budding poets, sculptors, caricature and comic artists, film-makers - you name it!!
  3. Another nice sunset photo from Tim Penycate. This one was taken in the wintertime and the view is looking up the hill on the Liphook road, coming into Whitehill on a walk back from the Royal Oak pub in Hollywater.

    © Tim Penycate

  4. I already have a topic in the Forums on the subject of some good photography book recommendations, so I am not going to duplicate what I have already written there. Of course, the best way to start taking great photos is to get out there with your camera and start shooting! However, most of us can also use a bit of a grounding in the basics - or even some of the more advanced techniques. And there is nothing like a good book on a cold, wet and windy day, now, is there?! If you want to have a look at my Forums post, just click this: And if you would like to share the details of any great photography book that you have come across, please do share them, either here, as a reply to this article - or in the Forums. Thank you!!
  5. Thank you for that, Delmus! 'All good advice. By the way... If any logged-in member is browsing this articles section of the site and they find that they keep getting logged out... Just try hitting the "refresh" button on your browser. That should solve the problem... (My apologies for the inconvenience but I am not a software developer - just a struggling website owner. We will get this thing sorted out one day or another!!)
  6. A strange cloud formation, resembling an angelfish seen in Hampshire, South of England on a cold wintery day. Photo courtesy of Tim Penycate

    © Tim Penycate

  7. Check this out! It's a stunning, gorgeous work of art depicting a surreal sunset, (or sunrise?) scene with a lake, a mountain and some very beautiful landscape scenery: Mano Alii Computer Art By Satoshi Matsuyama
  8. Having deleted some dead links from the post above, I see that the remaining ones are still working. Please do check them out as Satoshi Matsuyama-san has some stunning work. 'Well worth a look!
  9. Hi Rodny, "Page not found?" Could you upload your images directly to artfreaks.com and reinsert them in your post? Thanks!
  10. Please feel free to start a blog here at artfreaks.com - And don't worry about keeping up with it! Just post whenever you are in the mood and you have the time. (Just like my own blog... sometimes I don't update it from one year to the next. It doesn't matter - it's not going anywhere!!) I think it is much better to just post something when you are in the right frame of mind and you have something to say... Here at artfreaks.com, there is no pressure to do anything. It's one of the benefits of belonging to a website that has a very lazy owner!! 😄
  11. smb

    Drawing "white space"

    Thanks very much for your contribution to artfreaks.com. Your insights and the sharing of your knowledge are greatly appreciated! I would just like to add my own two pennies worth... In my own personal opinion, gained after my own experience, I don't think that the exercises described in the book are complicated at all. They are very easy to do and, again - in my own personal opinion - well worth the time and the effort! Of course, there is always something else to do, with which we can use our time more effectively... I think that most of us would be quite hard-put to use our drawing skills to save the planet, for instance?!! However, if you do choose to spend some of your time learning how to draw, I do think that the time spent doing some of the exercises in the book would be very well spent. Some of those exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain were a real revelation to me! Hey... I even managed to do a reasonably passable self-portrait!! Number 1, below, was literally my first ever attempt at a self-portrait and number 2 was the result of my efforts after doing the "upside down" drawing exercise...
  12. Never heard of it! What's all that about then?
  13. Video Scribing, eh! Well, what is that all about then?!
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