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    Well this may take some time... Out in the sticks in Denmark!
  2. From the album: Denmark

    One of the joys of walking in a rural area in Denmark during the summertime!
  3. From the album: Denmark

    And not a car in sight!!
  4. From the album: Denmark

    Everything is beautiful in the summer... even this old prefab. hut. There's a name for these things... Is it a Nissen Hut, or something??!
  5. From the album: Denmark

    After a four mile walk through the countryside, just to get a beer, this was the view as I finally came into Kalundborg on a late summer's afternoon.
  6. Beautiful purple flowers with lovely little orange centres. It would be so lovely if the owner of this image was to tell us just a little bit about it? The image title and description can be in any language you like... Anything at all is better than 1040227-001.jpg?!!
  7. The light! The moment. The complex beauty of the seedhead. And Haslemere is... That way!!
  8. From the album: Denmark

    And I would hope that my title is sufficiently descriptive? I just noticed the way the thistle seedhead was glowing beautifully in the evening sunlight as I made the four-mile walk into Kalundborg, from where I was staying outside town in the beautiful Danish summertime countryside.
  9. From the album: Denmark

    Well... Why walk 2 miles to the nearest shop, when you can walk 4.1 miles to the nearest pub?!!
  10. From the album: Denmark

    A glass of Odense Classic beer and a Tesco's ecobag waiting to be filled at Fotex in Kalundborg
  11. smb

    A drunken fly!

    From the album: Denmark

    The little insect at the top of the glass had actually had a swim in my beer, before somehow managing to climb out! At King's Pub in Kalundborg, Denmark.
  12. Image courtesy of Tim Penycate, who writes: “Not so much an English country garden as an English country railway station with an English country garden attached! Some beautiful flowers brighten up a dull day at Ropley Station on the Mid Hants Railway!” The Midhants Railway, in the South of England, is otherwise known as the "Watercress Line." It is very popular with local tourists and day trippers who love to ride the trains which are hauled by some beautiful old preserved steam locomotives.

    © Tim Penycate

  13. Thank you for continuing to support artfreaks.com Keep these coming!
  14. The view from my brother's front garden at Livefoods UK in Rooksbridge, Somerset, in the South of England. You can check out the Livefoods UK facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/livefood/ The pond, surrounded by flowers, contains some nice koi and it is set against a backdrop of beautiful Somerset countryside and farmland on a sunny day in early summer.
  15. smb


    I am not planning to get into cat photography in any big way. Just an album snap shots of the odd cat or two!
  16. From the album: Cats

    Well, not quiet. This cat definitely doesn't want me to do anything with my laptop today... She's almost sitting on the keyboard!
  17. smb

    The wooden wings

    From the album: The statues: Hogmoor Inclosure photos

    The view from another of my favourite perches in the Hogmoor Inclosure - this one from a seat overlooking a small clearing in the nature reserve, just in from the Hogmoor Road at the Southern end of the Inclosure. I was just sitting there enjoying an unusually quiet period when the weather was quite overcast with a cool breeze, so not many people about... The sun came out suddenly and very briefly, transforming the view into an irresistible shot!
  18. Just a few photos that were taken in and around the Hogmoor Inclosure in Whitehill, Hampshire in the South of England. artfreaks.com needs a lot of new content, (among other things,) in order to regain any semblance of the search engine rankings which the site used to enjoy years ago. Well... The photography in this album is nothing special - just random snapshots that I took on my cellphone. But I pay enough every month for the server on which this site runs, so I just decided to upload my content to my site - not someone else's... I am sure that Facebook can manage without it!!
  19. From the album: The statues: Hogmoor Inclosure photos

    A lonely, naked man standing on his perch in one of the few permanent ponds in the Hogmoor Inclosure. Most of the other ones - (the ponds, that is!) - seem to dry out when we get an extended dry spell; (which is not really surprising since the underlying soil is just about all sand and sandstone...) The wooden statues were, apparently, created by sculptor David Lloyd. More on this, here: https://www.princephilippark.co.uk/wb-story/public-art/
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