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    Nice photo but no title and no image description? 'About as much use as a goldfish with tits on it!
  2. smb


    Image title and just a little bit of description? Maybe a few keywords... All of these things will get you images more views. More views on your images will also help artfreaks.com to survive for another month or two? This site is costing me a lot of money... Please make some sort of an effort, if you want this website to survive until next month??
  3. smb


    47-1-P9040059.JPG is not a very good image title... Who will search for that?? Come on, Waaj... Make an effort! Or don't expect to see this website around for much longer...
  4. smb


    Title? Image description? Come on! Help me out here... Please?!!
  5. From the album: Manila, Philippines

    The best beer in Manila! Imported from Sweden. Imperial Stout. Very chocolatey. Almost like drinking a Mars Bar!! Available at Tap Station, Adriatico Street, (corner of Padre Faura,) Ermita, Manila.
  6. smb

    Manila, Philippines

    Just a few photographs of street scenes, people, street-life, buildings, rooftops, on-going construction and other views in and around the City of Manila, Philippines
  7. From the album: Manila, Philippines

    As usual, in Manila, it's hard to tell!! The view from Tap Station, (real ale micro-brewery outlet,) at the corner of Adriatico Street and Padre Faura Street in Ermita, Manila, Philipppines.
  8. From the album: Denmark

    Beautiful Danish countryside in late summer
  9. smb


    Well this may take some time... Out in the sticks in Denmark!
  10. smb

    Country Road

    From the album: Denmark

    A country road in Sjaeland, Denmark in the summertime.
  11. smb

    After the harvest

    From the album: Denmark

    Red poppies by the side of a grain field after harvest
  12. From the album: Denmark

    A field of barley (or somesuch) in Sjealand, Denmark all ready for harvest in the summertime.
  13. smb

    Earning an honest living...

    Holding the door for someone else... Seperating your garbage... That's someone else's problem? Right? Not yours?????
  14. From the album: Manila, Philippines

    and collecting the garbage of humanity. Notice the bags for recycling... These guys perform the duties that you and I should be doing. Seperating our waste. And what are you doing for the planet? For your children? For your grand children? And for all of the inhabitants of this Earth? Not only homo-sapiens... Just one of the billions of species on this planet. For the wolves? The most noble of all the species of animals... Not man! Even cockroaches and rats have a right to be here, you know? Polar bears... Not only you. You are so so selfish. Did you know that??
  15. From the album: Denmark

    A golden harvest in Sjaeland! I love the farmland scenery in Sjealand, Denmark in the summeryime. Probably because wild flowers on the periferies of the fields are left for all to enjoy - not just spayed to death. There is also quiet a lot of fallow land around. This makes the countryside in this part of Denmark a very pleasant place to be... in the summertime, at least!!
  16. smb

    Denmark in summer!

    From the album: Denmark

    Farm houses with bright orange roofs contrasting nicely against the dark green of the trees in the background - and a field of barley, ready for harvest
  17. From the album: Denmark

    A field of barley or some such grain ready for harvest in Sjeiland, Denmark
  18. From the album: Denmark

    Wildflowers are everywhere to be seen in the Sjaeland summertime countryside, just outside Kalundborg in Denmark
  19. From the album: Denmark

    Beautiful scenerey on my daily 4 mile summertime walks into Kalundborg
  20. From the album: Denmark

    You decide!! Some kind of passage under the main road to Saltbaek, just outside Kalundborg in Sjaeland, Denmark
  21. From the album: Denmark

  22. From the album: Denmark

    One of the joys of walking in a rural area in Denmark during the summertime!
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