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  1. Nice sentiments and beautifully written! No doubt about it... Your Dad still loves you and he will be there for you whenever you need him. And even if he has departed this mortal world, his spirit lives on every day in the good things he done andthe people he cared for.


    You would not be the person you are today, if your Dad had not loved you! :)

  2. Probably my biggest distraction when I am home on leave, is trying to run and keep up-to-date a dozen different membership websites. I am still very much on a 'learning curve' when it comes to the internet and the mechanics of making a website.

    Still, the rainy season is here now in the Philippines, so it's not quite so hot indoors... I'm hoping to be able to get a bit more done with my latest project this weekend!

  3. I noticed that the photos of those paintings at flickr have hardly any views... Try uploading the paintings in the Gallery here at ArtFreaks.com. I am sure you would get a better response...

    You can upload the images here:


    And when you have a better idea of the sort of prices that you would be looking at, you can also advertise the paintings for sale in the Classifieds module of the artfreaks.com Forums:


    I hope this helps - and good luck with finding a buyer!

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