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  1. smb

    Ethnic origins: I live in England and i am mainly half Philipino and half English.

    With precisely 1/16th of Italian blood!!! :)

  2. 'Good to see you back at artfreaks.com!! :D

  3. smb

    Vítej zpět!

    Welcome back!

  4. smb

    BigEd - Last visited April, 10, 2015...

    Come back, BigEd!

  5. Hi Edwardo! When were you last on artfreaks.com?

    It's time to pay us a visit!!

  6. Hi! Long time, no see! I didn't realize, you were still in the New Members group... Anyway, welcome to the Full Members group now. You should find that any posting restrictions that you may have experienced as a New Member have now been removed.

    If you can edit your uploaded images to give them titles/descriptions and maybe a few key words, that will make your images searchable - both within the site and, of course, via external search engines.

    1. sexybbw4u


      Thank you very much....   xoxox

  7. How's tricks? 'Good to see you managed to pay a flying visit!

    1. FunkyBoy


      Hey man, I do check from time to time, life sucks but what's new? :D Sadly I've not done art in the longest time but hope to get back in the swing of it once again and get some new content up. Cheers for the comment.

    2. smb


      Haha! Well, you are probably more active on the site than I am, then! Hopefully, 2019 will be a better year - for both of us...
      I look forward to seeing more of your work when you are ready!


    3. FunkyBoy


      Aye, lets hope it is my good man! Cheers!

  8. It turns out the problems I was having with uploading images were related to the Internet Service Provider that I was using at the time - not the site. Anyway, I managed to improve a few things along the way, so you should find that your images upload a lot quicker now - ISP notwithstanding!!

  9. Long time, no see!

  10. OK, well good luck with uploading images! I am still not 100% certain that the issue has been resolved? It could just be an ISP issue where I am right now. Anyway, ' any issues, just drop me a pm. And thanks for your patience!

  11. Please bear with me for a bit, while I try to get the Gallery working properly. I have just upgraded the site software to the latest version - and now it is taking forever to upload images - even small ones...Grrrr!!!

  12. Welcome back! It's good to see you here again!

  13. smb

    Wow! Long time, no see at artfreaks.com!!!

  14. smb

    'Good to see you back here!

  15. 'Good to see you back here!

  16. smb

    'Good to see you back! :)

  17. 'Hope the move went well!

  18. 'Hope to see some of your art here soon! :)

  19. 'Just thought that you might be interested in the new Downloads module. You should be able to upload image files of up to 2.0MB there. Be the first to upload a hi-res image on the artfreaks.com forums!

  20. smb

    'Looking forward to seeing some of your art and design work here!

  21. 'Must try harder... Starting next week! ;)

    1. Papadan


      I must try smarter...Starting next week or so.

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