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  1. Bauan, Batangas
  2. By the way... This bag is banned by Pure Gold Olongapo. A so-called "eco bag." Bought from Pure Gold Olongapo, not more than three months ago... But you are not allowed to dare take it in their store now. Sinabi na ang PANNGIT na unano na guardia nila! Only in the Philippines... And enjoy your shopping. Or "shapping," even!!
  3. 'Just been doing 120Km/h on the way to the airport - in a taxi! A bit different to Manila!
  4. 'Just getting in the mood for Bangkok, Thailand!! :D
  5. Well sorry! I'm not a perfect person!
  6. หกเดือนแล้ววันนี้ . ผมจะจำได้คุณพลอยตลอดไป
    6 months ago, today. I will never forget Kun Ploi
  7. Sounds like a plan!! :)
  8. New art at artfreks.com
  9. A nice bit of music to end the night!
  10. ฝนตกนัก ! Malakas na ang ulan!! Raining hard - I love it! :D
  11. ฝนตกนัก ! Malakas na ang ulan!! Raining hard - I love it! :D
  12. I'm too old for standing-up in a crowded bus for two hours - just to get to Manila. Dito na lang ako sa bahay and give me Bangkok any day!

  13. Well I have to say it... I actually like Windows 10! (...Now I've finally got over XP!!) :)

  14. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Congratulations on having managed to get through our anti-spam defenses and actually register a profile here! All you need to do now, in order to get full membership of the site and unrestricted posting rights is to post something in the Forums - or make a comment on on an image. That's the only way I can tell real people from computer spam bots, these days...

  15. Oh My God... I am praying for all of my friends in Bangkok, Thailand - I pray to God that you are all OK.

  16. I love this city! ผมรักกรุงเทพมหานคร Bangkok, Thailand!

  17. I’m going to a Buddhist Temple tomorrow - apparently! ...Something about "making merit" …Or is it atoning for my sins? I’m not really sure… !??!!!

  18. Bit of a mission getting here - but I made it in the end. Now I am going to sleep for the best part of a week!

  19. Hey! Guess what? Internet is reasonably fast, now I am off the ship! :)

  20. Entering rehab... First stop: Pit Stop

  21. Welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

  22. Sitting around in bars all day, drinking beer and talking shit... Three and a bit days to go - and I can't wait! :)

  23. Going home soon... Busy, busy, busy!

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