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  1. Hello! Welcome to artfreaks.com

    You are now a "Special Member" - so you can post anywhere in these forums. Cheers! :)

  2. smb

    Welcome to artfreaks.com

    Keep up the great music!

  3. smb

    Hello! Thank you for registering with the artfreaks.com forums!

  4. Hi! welcome to artfreaks.com! Sorry for the late welcome - I have been "out of the loop" for a bit... Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful work!

  5. smb

    Hello! Welcome to artfreaks.com!

  6. Hello! Welcome to artfreaks.com! And thank you for posting those gorgeous reverse paintings on glass!

  7. Welcome to the Special Members group! You now have the ability to post in the forums, if you wish! Enjoy! :-)

  8. Hi! Welcome to the artfreaks.com Art Forums! Nice work. Keep it coming!

  9. smb

    Welcome to the artfreaks.com Art and Photography forums!

  10. Hello! Welcome to the artfreaks.com Art Forums!

  11. smb

    Welcome to artfreaks.com! I hope we will see more of your work here soon!

  12. smb

    Hi! Welcome to the artfreaks.com Art Forums. Thanks for posting some images in ythe gallery - and keep them coming!

  13. Hi! Welcome to the artfreaks.com art Forums!

  14. Thanks for posting your pics. Keep up the good work!

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