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  1. ditto! by the way... is there any way you can tell others (without making them roll in laughter or freak out) like your close friend or relative that something IS wrong with you? I'm quite bothered by this question in my head...no...yes...no...yes...whatever.
  2. i hope the real world realizes that as early as possible before we go to our ideal hell..
  3. tell me about it. :razz: :mrgreen:
  4. Do you? How much? What do you think you can do for it's name?
  5. probably the one who thought of the idea of smoking was too "Heavenly" and at the same time stupid- he found out how to make himself feel like "on the clouds" but did not think of how much he'll stink.
  6. Well, that's for social aspects. I just got fed up with my classmate who is only open for the ideals. He keeps on criticizing realistic plans and suggestions instead of the idealistic ones. And the one thing that I hate the most, is that the only right person is HIMSELF...he never shuts up. Have you also encountered those kind of people?
  7. whoa! :supz: I don't know why i love the work Beyond Outer Ocean at first sight... :roll: Now I'm feeling weird again.
  8. vrenda_mage


    It is sad to know this that despite the information technological progress we are having nowadays, we are still having this still rising problem. Ideally, we a supposed to be eliminating this problem because we already have enough sources of information especially about this matter. Poverty is not an excuse. " What should be blamed: ignorance or stupidity?Try stupid pride making someone so ignorant."
  9. "Soft heads harm more than hard artillery."
  10. thinking about smoking and its effects... What was smoking "made" for anyway? and, am I asking the right question?
  11. suggestions: the classroom- for lessons/Q&A's/discussions related to art, in the name of art and the like... muscle museum-art gallery for everybody!!!(well, if that would push through, we would need a copyright security thingamajig) the krukruxCLAN- artfreaks.com forums family discussions gameroom- speaks for the name itself classifieds- auctions, for sale stuff, well of course, no company advertisements general specifics- for any discussion! the long table- for serious discusssions...
  12. why not use "master" alone for the "master of art"? hehe... just suggesting...
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