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  1. smb

    Wow! Long time, no see at artfreaks.com!!!

  2. smb

    Welcome to the Full Members group!

  3. http://www.widexl.com/remote/link-populari...rity/index.html there you go
  4. yeah got a couple somewhere ill let you know when i find them
  5. oooh Guinness ... just in time for St Patricks day!
  6. RDF

    Wanted Agents

    cool, love the site! (a little note saying who the music is performed by would probably be fantastic...... says daughter of a musician)
  7. RDF


    awww, well you know where I am (email wise) if you need help, template (webtemplate, RM template, phpBB custom template) etc. I kinda do that for a living as well as write. Thought I would pop over and see your literacy boards... but I guess you can see from my site I loooooove reading when I have time lolol
  8. ug! I have never smoked. Period... And I'm finally divorcing an idiot who smoked like a chimney around me and the children. Add to that, the fact my youngest daughter has Apnea, (she stops breathing in her sleep) - which has eased off sincce her waster father walked out .... Woops did I say that out loud???
  9. RDF


    Kathy Reichs is Forensic Anthropology murder mystery and David Gemmell is known for fantasy fiction (I have 2 signed first copys of his books) Ive been told I write like Gemmell! (some of my writings are on the boards at my forum )
  10. http://abi-station.com/ is another goodie for making avatars
  11. RDF


    I prefer Kathy Riechs and David Gemmell personally, However I do believe Mr Boldt is a spiritual self enlightenment author
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