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Found 105 results

  1. Info found on my gallery page.
  2. Description is in my gallery

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  3. Description is in my gallery

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  4. Description is in my gallery

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  5. FunkyBoy

    Forms Of Daz

    From the album: Blood Storm

    Hey, Concepts of the alternate forms of Daz, character who features in Blood Storm. comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  6. From the album: Blood Storm

    Hi folks, Concept of an Alien Bounty Hunter character that will feature in the Blood Storm comic. Comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  7. FunkyBoy

    Zero Space Suit

    From the album: Blood Storm

    Hi, Concept for Zero's space suit or "External Atmosphere" if you want to be fancy. Lightly armored, more designed for moving between ships and working in ships or planets that have a poor atmosphere. Would not hold up well in a gunfight. Comments and crit welcome

    © Blood Storm Belongs to Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  8. FunkyBoy

    Future Zero

    From the album: Blood Storm

    Hi folks, This started out as a practice for anatomy and turned into a concept for a "Future" appearance of one of the Blood Storm crew. Tried a new shading style with this as well, block shading, in a very comic like style. This enabled me to produce an image a lot faster than usual. Comments and crit welcome

    © Blood Storm belongs to Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  9. Hey folks, I'm open for Commissions! I'll take any work, so don't be shy! Below are some prices, SOME are negotiable. Digital black and white sketch of single character - £10 Digital black and white sketch of single character with background - £15 Digital color paint of single character - £20 Digital color paint of single character with background - £30 Multiple characters and/or group shots - Price will be discussed based on time spent on said work. All work is completed as quickly as possible, I am able to work to time restrictions and will always be done to the best of my ability. Check my gallery for examples!
  10. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Other Work

    Hi, Old picture I finished the other day. Just my take on a Pokemon I liked. Not much else to say! Comments and crit welcome

    © Callum Johnson

  11. From the album: Other Work

    Hey folks, This was a personal piece in a pile of fan art I'm going to do. Tali Vas Normandy from the fabled Mass Effect trilogy, one of my long time personal faves, I adore the games, book and animated movies. Tali, being my preferred character, but I will get around to doing Garrus at some point. This kept me busy as my net has been cut and I'm currently going through financial strife, so kept my mind out of dark places. Worked on this about 4 days for pretty much the entire day. Comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  12. From the album: Other Work

    Hellooo, Another commission for a friend. Wanted a horde of Chaos Marines from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. From the chapter of Nurgle, god of pestilence and rot. This was a few days worth of work, a little dark but If I mess about with the brightness anymore it messes up the image, but you need to have a good look for the detail I slaved over. Comments and crit welcome. As always, sketchbook pro job.

    © Callum Johnson

  13. From the album: Other Work

    Hey, Commission for a friend of a friend, they wanted a Ninja Turtle, didn't say which one, that was the brief.. just... Ninja Turtle. So I got full free creative rights over this one. So went with swords, classic pizza and the city sky line! Image came fairly easily, fell Together quickly. Went for strong lines of that comic look, but still wanted to get some details in via shadows etc. Few days worth of work and all done in sketch book. Comments and crit welcome

    © Callum Johnson

  14. FunkyBoy

    See You In Hell

    From the album: Other Work

    A personal piece that just pretty much speaks for itself. All done in one day with this image in my head, the most layers I've used in a long time. I'm rather proud of this, shame it's on such a dark subject matter. This is my own representation of hell, a frozen wasteland. [There is ruins in the back ground they seem not to show up when I host the image on diff sites.] So yeah, that's it. PLEASE FULL VIEW!

    © Callum Johnson

  15. From the album: Other Work

    Hi folks, Most recent piece of art. This is a redux of a character I designed back in my college days! always wanted to re do it and now here it is! Slaved over this for some time and tried some new highlight and shadow techniques. Comments and Crit always welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  16. From the album: Blood Storm

    A re design of one of my old character Xul, done in the Blood Storm world. Done over 2 weeks with on off work. Had a massive fuck on with the brightness and contrast looking different in each program, place it's uploaded and picture viewer and it's caused me to screw up the background/mid ground, spent over and hour trying to fix it with no joy.. so here it is. Blood Storm and all characters belong to Callum Johnson and Darren Benton, co founders of Blood Storm.

    © Callum Johnson

  17. From the album: Other Work

    Thought I'd upload the original of my display/profile image.

    © Callum Johnson

  18. From the album: Blood Storm

    This is the finalized concept for Zero-One. Zero [The Hero]'s warped clone. Born from a horrible fusion of Dark Energy/Magic and Occult and alien tech Zero-One was the only "Successful" clone created of Zero. The legions of others suffered forms of mutation, some went insane within days or weeks and killed one another or were terminated others it took longer but all eventually went insane and were in a permanent state of berserking rage. Those that were not terminated were sealed away to never be found again in the Void. Zero-One was a perfect clone, the only real difference being that his eyes were of a darker blue and somehow the Dark Energies has remained within him, granting him a terrible power. Upon discovering he was actually a clone Zero-Ones already unbalanced mind [Mirroring Zero's] began to unravel and he refused to accept this reality and unleashed his dark powered rage to destroy Zero and take his place. Zero managed to seal Zero-One away in the void with the rest of the clones, barley escaping with his life, but left with a large deep scar across his left eye and cheek. Zero-One eventually marks himself with the same damage, in a feverish attempt to remain like Zero. He now grows in power, plotting his revenge, uniting the scattered, lost failed clones with his dark energy waiting for his time to strike. This took about two days to put together, all done in sketch book pro. Comments and Crit are welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  19. FunkyBoy

    Bulk Concept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    This piece took about 2 weeks to finish, due to work and illness. :\ All done in Sketchbook pro with reference's used. This is a final concept of a "Bulk" "More sighing's of different infected, seems that the infection may work differently on people who have different body masses. Experienced a Feral who was not frail and weak like the others.. This one was big and bulky, well built, strong. It showed the same behaviour patterns as other Feral's, and like the others took a lot of shooting to bring down. I also noticed something odd, the big feral's [i assume of which are large people who have been bitten by a Feral, not been killed and survived untill the infection itself has taken them] seem to be almost leader type infected, other smaller and weaker infected follow them about in small groups... is this simply because of the chance that they might get casts off's from the bigger ones or is this something more? like animals following an alpha male? This remains to be seen. Either way, due to the side and possible strength of these infected, I'd advise to avoid and only fight if you HAVE to...they are very dangerous. Again, can be spotted due to rapid decomposition, the fact they eat other undead, and the no iris thing. Thats all for today..will log more if needed." Callum Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! -Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  20. FunkyBoy

    Stalker Concept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Yo. This one took me about 2-3 hours on off work. Done in Sketchbook with references used. This is a final concept of a "Stalker". "Documenting my sightings while out in what is left of the UK. I've come to calling the more 'Normal' undead 'Stalkers'. AS you'd imagine, there are more of the fresher undead than that of the 'Feral's', these guys are slow and stupid. I've noted that they will indeed follow living people but only for short periods, after line of sight is lost and cannot be found again these guys either simply stand still...mill about in small groups or simply wander aimlessly. Not so hard to drop, bullet to the head or something heavy seems to do the job just fine. Weak in comparison to the 'Feral's', when they grab you, you can simply shove them back with enough force and they usually let go and fall over, thus making escape simple as long as there is not too many of them. Seen a few of these guys wearing gear including weapons and the like, also with either red arm bands, bandanna's...scarf's or some item that is red and worn in full sight. I think this may be groups of survivors trying to find some way to easily identify one another so there is no friendly fire incidents. Nothing more to say on the matter. Callum. Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! -Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  21. FunkyBoy

    Self Pity

    From the album: Silent Hill Fan Comic

    Here is a final concept for my monster "Self Pity" Description of it can be found here:A pathetic weak enemy that wanders around making weeping sounds and groaning. Frail and passive, but get too close and it's claws will make short work of you, this is a physical manifestation of the main characters...well...self pity, disgusted with his own fear and weakness. About two hours give or take, issues with PC made it take alot longer then I fist anticipated. Comments and crit welcome. this character belongs to me, All silent Hill refrences to Konami.

    © Callum Johnson

  22. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Blood Storm

    Yo, So this is the final concept for the merc Kayne, the cyborg sniper for the Blood Storm team. This took a few weeks to do as I had to keep stopping and starting and now it's finally done. Comments and crit are welcome but keep it constructive, please. All done in sketch book pro with references used. Any more info wanted, feel free to ask. All characters/concepts and images are copyright of: Callum Johnson and Darren Benton, Co-Founders of Blood Storm.

    © Callum Johnson

  23. From the album: Landscape and Scenery

    digital arts.

    © (C) Mr-Springserpent2012.

  24. BigEd

    Thousand eyes

    From the album: my stuff

    I did this for a contest. (draw a monster) still being judged.

    © E. Arndt

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