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Found 7 results

  1. From the album: Other Work

    Final Concept of the Draqu character.
  2. From the album: Dawn of Darkness

    The final concept work of Darrious, made into a fancy Illustration.

    © Callum Johnson & Kelsie Conlon

  3. From the album: Dawn of Darkness

    Concept art of another main character Darrious, a little older and as a mercenary.

    © Callum Johnson & Kelsie Conlon

  4. FunkyBoy

    Forms Of Daz

    From the album: Blood Storm

    Hey, Concepts of the alternate forms of Daz, character who features in Blood Storm. comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  5. FunkyBoy

    Feral Conept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Right, This is a final concept for the Zombie type "Feral". This has taking me about a day and a half to finish, I used references for the pose, turned out quite well I'd say! "It's been months since the initial reports of the infection began... I'd bet that it's been going longer than that, before people and the news started covering it. Over this time I've compiled a list of the of the types of Zombies myself and my team have discovered, this by far is the strangest. We've come to calling these types of infected "Feral's" Unlike the more normal shambolic infected we've faced, this once is relentless, though just as fast as the others it follows a person, where as the rest simply give up and wander off, once this one sees a living person, it will continue to follow even after sight has been lost. I've taken down one of these things myself, after blowing half it's head off, it still pulled itself back to it's feet and continued. They are tough bastards... They also seem more aggressive, where as the others simply reach for you and grab, these guys speed up a little more as you get close, if they grab hold they pull you to them and do not let go untill you drop 'em. Distinguishing features of "Feral's" Are the white eyes, no milky iris and pupil, just white. They are somewhat muscular in appearance, but on closer examination, this is simply the dead skin shrinking, causing it to split across the body. Also, these guys must have either been around for quite some time or be some of the possible original infected, they stage of decomposition is always a lot more advanced than the others. Strangest thing I've seen is them eat the dead, I'm not talking a fresh kill, I mean stop at a corpse of another infected, and eat it. Never seen any of the others do that... I'll make more notes if anything new comes up." Callum - Survivor Special thanks to Darren Benton [link] For doing the logo! - Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  6. FunkyBoy

    Zero [The Hero]

    From the album: Blood Storm

    This is Zero [The Hero] All the other data on him is in this gallery, though I'd update his image as after a look back and now trying to get back into the project I realised how bad he looked with my old images. This took about 2-3 days on off work in sketch book pro. I'd like to thank Darren, without his help the legs would still be fucked! Cheers man, you're a life saver! EDIT: Added the design of Zero with his helmet All characters/concepts and images are copyright of: Callum Johnson and Darren Benton, Co-Founders of Blood Storm.

    © Callum Johnson

  7. From the album: Things

    A bloody injector in the white lavatory.

    © free

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