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Found 10 results

  1. smb

    Birds and flowers

    From the album: Paco Gorospe Paintings

    Paco Gorospe - oil on canvas - 30" x 30" A beautiful, very colorful semi-abstract painting with song birds and flowers
  2. smb

    Girl With Birds

    From the album: Paco Gorospe Paintings

    "Girl With Birds" Painting by Paco Gorospe - oil on canvas - 30" x 30"
  3. All handmade mixed media artworks, a depiction of houses on top the hilltop.
  4. From the album: Art by Linda Paul

    These gorgeous bird wall art sculptures are available in 24" and larger custom sizes. 24" tip to tip, 10" wide , price is $350.00 About these contemporary paintings /sculptures: To create these original artworks, artist Linda Paul first cuts a board in the shape of the bird and then applies metal leaf. The reflections of light off of the metal is what gives the art an amazing light of its own.. She then paints the birds with a transparent paint that she makes by hand using a mixture of pigments and acrylic polymers. Each bird is an original work of art. Installation: The birds can be mounted on the wall in a removable or permanent fashion by using either removable Velcro fasteners (Command strips) or you can glue them on using Simplemat adhesive tabs for more permanent installations You can hang the birds in any direction and order as many as you like to create a flock of birds on your wall. Its a great decorating idea for filling up a large wall space with something very unique and beautiful. You can custom order these birds in larger sizes The birds can also be ordered on laser cut plexiglass for more commercial installations such as hotel art, offices, health care and restaurants. They would be fabulous in a large public art installation.

    © Linda Paul

  5. corinnemc

    little birds

    From the album: my art variety

    a practice drawing of birds
  6. From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A pair of Heron share the task of building a nest. Acrylic on specialty paper, 18" x 14" unframed

    © Mildred King

  7. From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    An exquisitely detailed painting of a Rufous Hummingbird. Print size:10" x 8" matted to 14" x 11"

    © Mildred King

  8. Millie King

    Golden Eagle

    From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A Golden Eagle painted on stone-Sold Acrylic on slate

    © Mildred King

  9. From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A Bald Eagle head painted on an old textured barnboard. Size 11" x 20"Sold

    © Mildred King

  10. From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A pair of white swans glide along on a deep blue lake. Sold

    © Mildred king

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