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Found 35 results

  1. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Other Work

    It's the happiest we've ever been.We're so inspired by Sullivan.The First Sign. And God said, "At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage. Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners. Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption."
  2. FunkyBoy

    S E N S O R Y

    From the album: Other Work

    S E N S O R Y“ I love the thought you're eating meIt's my desire to be eaten by youI am your flesh, be part of meI'm looking forward to being slaughtered by youI love the pain inside of meLet's go to dinner for the very last timeIt sounds insane, but not to meIt's the perversion of a really sick mindHang me, nail me, anything that pales meEat the other half of meKill me, rape me, anything that hurts meEat the other half of meHang me, nail me, anything that pales meEat the other half of meKill me, rape me anything that hurts meEat the other half of me “Blood makes the best lubricant...Lyrics: Suicide Commando - Menschenfresser
  3. From the album: Other Work

    Flesh is weak.Personal bit of work, representing a new year the evolution of self to something more.FULL VIEW PLEASEPraise be to the machine.Props to for his amazing stock that was an huge help in getting angles and proportions right.
  4. From the album: Other Work

    Merry Fuckin' Christmas!

    © Callum Johnson

  5. From the album: Other Work

    Speed paint of a horror game Character.

    © Konami

  6. From the album: Other Work

    Tester I started when streaming, hated it then hate it now, rushed to get it finished and it shows.

    © My Pubic Hair

  7. From the album: Other Work

    "The Battle of Head and Heart" A remake of an old work of mine that's stuck with me foe a while. Tried new painting style with this of very heavy shadows, seems okay, for a first true attempt. I'm sure the subject is all self explanatory. Please full view for details, comments welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  8. From the album: Other Work

    My entry for the Dev Art "Cold Blooded" contest. All done in sketchbook pro. comments and crit are of course welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  9. Description is in my gallery

    © Callum Johnson and Darren Benton

  10. BigEd

    Blooy Mary

    From the album: my stuff

    © E. Arndt

  11. BigEd

    Grim comes For All

    From the album: my stuff

    © E. Arndt

  12. From the album: Blood Storm

    A re design of one of my old character Xul, done in the Blood Storm world. Done over 2 weeks with on off work. Had a massive fuck on with the brightness and contrast looking different in each program, place it's uploaded and picture viewer and it's caused me to screw up the background/mid ground, spent over and hour trying to fix it with no joy.. so here it is. Blood Storm and all characters belong to Callum Johnson and Darren Benton, co founders of Blood Storm.

    © Callum Johnson

  13. From the album: Other Work

    This was a piece done as a gift for my beloved. It's going to be mounted on a Hoody, with her name in runes down the arm! Started some time ago..finished, 2 days ago! All done in Sketchbook pro! Hope she likes it! Please full view for all the mad details! @_@

    © Callum Johnson

  14. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    This has been finished for a few months. Won't lie, just not gotten around to sorting it out... "Have another entry for the log. Over our time in the town and the wastes, we've encountered groups of soldiers. For the most part we avoid them since the British government changed it's orders from 'Check all survivors for bites and if nothing is detected detain' To 'Shoot every living thing not wearing a uniform' It's been hit and miss with these guys..." "Found a few that were happy to see other living people, cautious, but happy. Traded food and munitions with these folks for information and news. There are other groups that simply open fire, like modern day bandits with top notch hardware... We've just to say escaped with our lives. Easiest way to spot these grunts if most of the deserters who did not wish to simply murder every living soul is that they are very rag-tag, seeming they grabbed what they could from the Army supplies before bailing. Mismatched armour and some don the British flag. The one that are more likely to shoot you are in solid units, no 'Customisation' of armour. Best thing to do is call out, they call back, you're safe...if not... well..." "Will enter more reports when I get the chance." Callum. Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! --Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  15. From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Bio: Name: Callum Johnson Age: 23 Height: 6 Feet Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Dark Brown Callum is a logical man, but is prone to making rash choices and sometimes jumping in feet first before thinking. Callum has a terrible temper that has seemed to flair up a lot more after the Outbreak, seeming to hate the undead more then the other survivors. Known to go berserk and butcher or needlessly kill them. He keeps his thoughts and secrets to himself, this could be something that may eventually effect the group. He carries a low calibre hunting rifle with no scope, a Baretta and also a hammer as his weapons of choice. ----- Done in the fashion of rotorscope from a picture of myself taken some time ago, image created and colored in Sketchbook Pro, took me about a day or two to get it all just how I liked it. So this is an illustration of my character for the Outbreak Rising comic, with a very very brief bio. More to come so watch this space! Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! - Ripped from my DA account as the original has been lost to a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  16. From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Hellooo! Okay, so this is the second test for the comic page, was wanting to see if I could work out the zombie/infected look as well as fit in good lighting and a background, while keeping it all shades of grey and the like. About 2 weeks worth of work on and off. Very happy with this! Just need to finalise a few things then we can begin the comic! comments and crit welcome. Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! - Ripped from my DA account as original lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  17. FunkyBoy

    Bulk Concept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    This piece took about 2 weeks to finish, due to work and illness. :\ All done in Sketchbook pro with reference's used. This is a final concept of a "Bulk" "More sighing's of different infected, seems that the infection may work differently on people who have different body masses. Experienced a Feral who was not frail and weak like the others.. This one was big and bulky, well built, strong. It showed the same behaviour patterns as other Feral's, and like the others took a lot of shooting to bring down. I also noticed something odd, the big feral's [i assume of which are large people who have been bitten by a Feral, not been killed and survived untill the infection itself has taken them] seem to be almost leader type infected, other smaller and weaker infected follow them about in small groups... is this simply because of the chance that they might get casts off's from the bigger ones or is this something more? like animals following an alpha male? This remains to be seen. Either way, due to the side and possible strength of these infected, I'd advise to avoid and only fight if you HAVE to...they are very dangerous. Again, can be spotted due to rapid decomposition, the fact they eat other undead, and the no iris thing. Thats all for today..will log more if needed." Callum Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! -Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  18. FunkyBoy

    Stalker Concept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Yo. This one took me about 2-3 hours on off work. Done in Sketchbook with references used. This is a final concept of a "Stalker". "Documenting my sightings while out in what is left of the UK. I've come to calling the more 'Normal' undead 'Stalkers'. AS you'd imagine, there are more of the fresher undead than that of the 'Feral's', these guys are slow and stupid. I've noted that they will indeed follow living people but only for short periods, after line of sight is lost and cannot be found again these guys either simply stand still...mill about in small groups or simply wander aimlessly. Not so hard to drop, bullet to the head or something heavy seems to do the job just fine. Weak in comparison to the 'Feral's', when they grab you, you can simply shove them back with enough force and they usually let go and fall over, thus making escape simple as long as there is not too many of them. Seen a few of these guys wearing gear including weapons and the like, also with either red arm bands, bandanna's...scarf's or some item that is red and worn in full sight. I think this may be groups of survivors trying to find some way to easily identify one another so there is no friendly fire incidents. Nothing more to say on the matter. Callum. Special thanks to Darren Benton [[link] For doing the logo! -Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  19. FunkyBoy

    Husk Concept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Yo. This took about a day, day and a half? Maybe. Sketchbook Pro, reference's used. This is the final concept of a "Husk" "Documented sightings of new infected. These guys surprised the hell outta me. They look like a cross between a "Stalker" and a "Feral" Slow and shambolic like a "Stalker" but thin and somewhat frail like a "Feral". Once you get close enough "Husk's" Seem to get more aggressive, breaking into a sprint and grappling their pray, easily fended off much like a "Stalker", but caught by surprise or faced with a group they could be deadly. Sure I've seen some of them run on all fours...but not 100% on that, you see a lot of mad shit out in the wastes.. Seems this is capable because of their build, I've noticed the bigger or fatter infected seem to be slow, but the smaller and thinner ones end up becoming faster when pray is in close proximity. Will record anything else new we find.." Callum. Special thanks to Darren Benton [link] For doing the logo! -Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  20. FunkyBoy

    Feral Conept

    From the album: Outbreak Rising

    Right, This is a final concept for the Zombie type "Feral". This has taking me about a day and a half to finish, I used references for the pose, turned out quite well I'd say! "It's been months since the initial reports of the infection began... I'd bet that it's been going longer than that, before people and the news started covering it. Over this time I've compiled a list of the of the types of Zombies myself and my team have discovered, this by far is the strangest. We've come to calling these types of infected "Feral's" Unlike the more normal shambolic infected we've faced, this once is relentless, though just as fast as the others it follows a person, where as the rest simply give up and wander off, once this one sees a living person, it will continue to follow even after sight has been lost. I've taken down one of these things myself, after blowing half it's head off, it still pulled itself back to it's feet and continued. They are tough bastards... They also seem more aggressive, where as the others simply reach for you and grab, these guys speed up a little more as you get close, if they grab hold they pull you to them and do not let go untill you drop 'em. Distinguishing features of "Feral's" Are the white eyes, no milky iris and pupil, just white. They are somewhat muscular in appearance, but on closer examination, this is simply the dead skin shrinking, causing it to split across the body. Also, these guys must have either been around for quite some time or be some of the possible original infected, they stage of decomposition is always a lot more advanced than the others. Strangest thing I've seen is them eat the dead, I'm not talking a fresh kill, I mean stop at a corpse of another infected, and eat it. Never seen any of the others do that... I'll make more notes if anything new comes up." Callum - Survivor Special thanks to Darren Benton [link] For doing the logo! - Ripped from my DA account as original image has been lost on a broken PC

    © Callum Johnson

  21. FunkyBoy

    Doom Cometh...

    From the album: Other Work

    A illustration of one of my Role Play characters. Xul. This hulking mass is his final form. Took about 2 hours in sketchbook pro. Originaly a thumbnail pen and marker sketch. Comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  22. FunkyBoy

    Self Pity

    From the album: Silent Hill Fan Comic

    Here is a final concept for my monster "Self Pity" Description of it can be found here:A pathetic weak enemy that wanders around making weeping sounds and groaning. Frail and passive, but get too close and it's claws will make short work of you, this is a physical manifestation of the main characters...well...self pity, disgusted with his own fear and weakness. About two hours give or take, issues with PC made it take alot longer then I fist anticipated. Comments and crit welcome. this character belongs to me, All silent Hill refrences to Konami.

    © Callum Johnson

  23. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Silent Hill Fan Comic

    Surpressed Anger/Rage: This creature is highly agressive, blind and filled with an unquenchable anger, it stalks it's domain, growling and howling it's rage into the world. Being blind it relies on sound, once it knows there is somone in the area, it will charge lashing out with it's metal bonds, screaming and thrashing in it's frustration. A physical manifestation of the main characters hidden emotions of hate and anger, that he would never vent. About 3-4 hours in Photoshop and Sketchbook pro, refrences used as the pose I was trying to do drove me mad! Comments and crit always welcome!

    © Callum Johnson

  24. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Silent Hill Fan Comic

    Gluttony: A giant of a monster, a huge hulking rotting mass, slow and very aggressive, feeding on people and creatures alive to try and surpress it's unlimited desire to feast! a horribly tough monster, resistant to small arms fire and melee attacks, it's huge sweeping arms capable to craching through doors and crushing anything in it's path. After painting this I feel sick... All OC monsters and characters belong to me, all Silent Hill related stuff to Konami.

    © Callum Johnson

  25. From the album: Other Work

    This is an image for a YouTube video, it will be a still image with some text, visual effects and a voice over announcing the groups changes and upcoming details in the style of The Awakened. So far a WIP, there is more to be done but I'm still thinking on what next. comments and crit welcome. Projet now scrapped.

    © Callum Johnson

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