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Found 9 results

  1. From the album: Davao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines

    Motorbike dreamer... A young Filipina (Pinay) biker girl! This is Jelyn, the youngest daughter (or "bunso") of Lolo and Lola Madilosa - looking very proud whilst sitting on her Father's motorcycle. The Madilosa's are a very kind family that I stay with whenever I get the chance to visit them at the farm that they work in a remote village in Mindanao; in the Southern part of the Philippines. If you would like a high-quality print of this - or if you would like a gift item customized with this image, please visit: ArtWanted.com

    © &copy Vic Rolfe

  2. Originally posted in the Forums: Jan 21 2007, 11:58 AM And the finished product: Pastel painting of a pretty, smiling teenage country girl in the Philippines, sitting on her elder sister's motorbike. Jelyn Nakaupo sa Motor ni Ate - (More-or-less finished) I will probably have to work on the hen and chicks some more. Jelyn's shirt could also do with some more white and shading. But, if at all, I will do this immediately before framing...
  3. From the album: Davao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines

    PRETTY teenage Filipina girl, Jelyn sitting on a duyan (or hammok) in a rustic garden, outside a rural farmhouse cottage in the Southern Philippines.
  4. From the album: My early attempts at pastel painting

    Rural scene in the Philippines with a pretty, smiling Filipina teenage girl sitting on her big sister's bike. Jelyn with a broad grin, trying out Janet's motorbike for size - and looking very proud of herself! 21" x 29" (53cm x 74cm) - Rembrandt, Schminke and Unison pastels on Waterford 140lb rough Watercolor paper.

    © &copy Vic Rolfe

  5. Version


    From a photo of Demi Lovato. I made this as a present for my youngest daughter, who is one of Demi's biggest fans! Members can also view and comment on this painting in the Gallery, at: http://www.artfreaks.com/forums/index.php/gallery/image/6213-demi-lovato/ Prints and gift items featuring this image are available on ArtWanted.com at: http://www.artwanted...62644&RID=23179
  6. smb

    Demi Lovato

    From the album: Some more recent pastel paintings

    From a photo of Demi Lovato. I made this as a present for my youngest daughter, who is one of Demi's biggest fans! Prints and gift items featuring this image are available on ArtWanted.com at: http://www.artwanted...62644&RID=23179 Download the original 1.2MB file in the ArtFreaks.com Downloads module at: http://www.artfreaks...55-demi-lovato/
  7. smb


    From the album: Some more recent pastel paintings

    A pretty young girl making the victory sign. From a photo in Joharah Ruth Alonzo's facebook profile: www.facebook.com/prettyjoharah My apologies to Jarah for the hand... I would have tried to make a better job of this but I find if I try too hard to sort-out the mistakes, I just end-up ruining the thing altogether. ('Better to stop while the going is still good...) High quality prints of this image are available on paper, mugs, T-shirts and other gift items at: ArtWanted.com You can also download the original image file of this painting in the Downloads module of this site.

    © &copy Joharah Ruth Alonzo

  8. Version 01


    Just a practice painting that I done for a girl, from one of her facebook photos. The "Buy Now" price is the cost of a one-off download of the original, high resolution image file. The image file can be used for producing a high quality print. The file-owner also grants the downloader the right to reproduce this image in printed publications or to re-use it in commercial web sites or other electronic documents. If you wish to purchase the original pastel on paper artwork, please contact the site-owner for details of price and availability.
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