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Buy amateur and professional art and photography online at! is a great place to start looking, if you want to buy art direct from the artist - and save yourself a lot of money! If you really like a particular piece of art or photography but can not afford the price that the artist is asking for the original artwork, you can often purchase high quality prints of the work in question. take care of the ordering, printing and shipping of your print, so you can be sure of a first-class and reliable service. You can also order various gift items like mugs, T-shirts etc., printed with you favorite artwork!


Buy Paco Gorospe paintings

Check out some outstanding Paco Gorospe paintings that are for sale by the site-owner in the Philippine Art Store


New Philippine art by Nisael Agag

There are also some really cool mixed-media semi-abstract figurative and erotic Philippine art paintings by up-and-coming Filipino artist, Nisael Agag, also in the Philippine Art Store, under:
Nisael Agag paintings for sale


Recommended links for art buyers

There are a few links to some highly recommended websites for buying and selling amateur and professional art online at: - info_pages/selling_art.html


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