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    • I've got news for some people... God didn't put put "us" - humans, mankind, homo-sapians on this earth to rule  over all of his creatures and to tame the wilderness. Or even to "take care" over these things... If he wanted to do that, he could have done it him/her (it's?) self. (How come we always automatically assume that we are made in the image of God?) "We" may think that we are in charge but even some of our own creations fail quite drastically. And we are totally powerless in the face of severe earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges, super typhoons, drought and wildfires. To name, just a few...  
    • Come back Lito! Give us an update...
    • It has been raining heavily in Manila for several hours today. Some of the downpours have been abslutely torrential. The NDRRMC have been issuing warnings of severe flooding in low-lying areas. No doubt, the worst of this flooding will make national, if not international news. I can think of few things worse than having your house flooded... But it is not all unmitigated doom and gloom... 'Small consolation for the long-suffering victims of serios flooding but here is a modest bit of good news... It has for a long time appauled me how some of Manila's streets, two blocks in from the Bay can flood within minutes of a heavy downpour - not because of any form of tidal surge or strong winds but purely through poor drainage. Success story: After some recent drainage improvement works in the area; the crossing of Mabini Street and Pedro Gil, between Ermita and Malate in the City of Manila, Philippines is  now flood-free after several hours of some pretty serious rainfall. Kudos to the City of Manila for doing a great job. Now I don't mind having to pay my local "property tax" here! 😊  
    • Not all news is crime, disaster, doom and gloom. However, bad news dose seem to have a habit of grabbing the headlines. Without ignoring the problems and disasters around us, let's not forget the good news! People doing a good job - from those in high-powered decission-making positions, to ordinary folk around the world - can always use some extra encouragement. Let's see how many good stories we can come up with... Share your's here!!
    • Unfortunately, for the rest of the inhabitants of this planet, the human race seems to be thriving on a lack of common sense!