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Use this page to access the different language versions of the home page and to find a few simple guides on things like starting a blog or uploading images in the Gallery section of the site.

Start your own Blog right here at!

 A blog as a story of life

Click on the the Nagasaki cherry blossom photo, for a quick-start guide on how to create a blog at

Have you got a story to tell? Or do you just want to keep an online record of your day-to-day struggles, progress and triumphs in the world of art? What are you waiting for?!! Sign-up for a free membership of the website and get cracking with your own blog right now!


How to upload images in the ArtFreaks.Com Gallery

art photography by Waaj

Click on the the boiled egg photo, for a quick-start guide on how to upload images in the Gallery

If you only have a single image that you want to upload, you can post it directly in the Forums as an attachment to a Forums post. If, however, you want to create your own albums of art of photography images, the Gallery is the palce for this. If you have a Blog here at, you can also include your Gallery albums with posts in your blog.


So what is this Downloads thing all about?

Beautiful floral watercolor painting by Vietnamese artist Pham Luc Ha

Click on the the floral ink painting, for a quick-start guide on what the Downloads module can do for you!

Share you high resolution art and photography image files. Full Members of the site can make their files available on a pay-per-download basis - which is a great way for artists and photographers to make a little money from all their hard work!


Art and Photography Tips

The early stages of a demonstration pastel landscape by a beginner and struggling amateur artist, Vic Rolfe

Top tips for artists and photographers

Share your articles and hot tips for artists and photographers! The Art and Photography Tips module of the Forums is built on a 'live' and continually growing database of members' articles on art and photography. Any member of the Forums can upload articles and share their experiences, hot tips and advice for fellow artists and photographers. These articles can then be commented on and rated by other members of the Forums. When searching for a particular article, the results can be sorted to show the most recent entries, those with the highest user rating, by title and by those with the most views.
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