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New Registrations and the New Members Group

Angry Dragon

New registrations have been temporarily disabled while I clear out a backlog of spammers.

In the meantime, if you are interested in joining the site, please feel free to email me at: vicrolfe@yahoo.co.uk - and I will be very happy to set up a free account for anyone who seems to be genuinely interested in joining our community of artists and photographers.



Whenever anyone registers a new account with artfreaks.com, they are automatically placed in the New Members group.

New Members have a somewhat limited ability to post in the Forums, upload images in the Gallery, etc., etc... But once they have introduced themselves, posted a comment, or whatever - (basically proving that they are genuinely interested in the site and not just trying to spam it) - they normally get upgraded to the Full Members group pretty quickly.


However, a lot of new registration attempts are made by people or spam bots, just trying out the site to see how easy it is to get in the door. For this reason, any New Member accounts that haven't even been logged into within 72 hours of their membership being approved, will be summarily deleted by the site Admin.


Vic (Site-owner)



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