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  2. 'Good to see that you are a fan of Paco Gorospe!! :)

  3. FunkyBoy...



    You are one of the Leaders of this site!!



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    2. smb


      Haha!! Well, according to the site "Leaderboard", you are definitely in the lead!! :)

    3. FunkyBoy


      Hm, I see. Well, I do submit lots of art I guess :p

    4. smb


      Keep it coming!

  4. The Devil makes work for idle hands!! :rofl:

  5. The new Bravo 6 all black skin. (Am I allowed to say that?)  It is awesome. Try it out!! :D


  6. The new Bravo 6 all black skin. (Am I allowed to say that?)  It is awesome. Try it out!! :D


    1. smb


      And the Thai language version is coming soon... Why? Because I can!:rofl:

    2. smb


      Same same but different.

      Can !!

  7. smb

    I want to introduce a Czech language skin just for you, Mr.  


    All I need is a few spare pennies...

  8. smb

    Hey! Come back!!


    "Last visited: December 27, 2019"!?!!


    What happened to you?

  9. smb


    When I get a few spare bob, I will introduce a Czech language theme for this site... Just for you, Waaj! "Love you!
  10. Everything posted by 私を愛してUenoyamame

    So far... NOTHING!! Nada... Wala... Not a sausage!!

  11. smb

    Banana Boat

    Check out the new language and colour scheme skins for this site! (And that is colour with a "u", by the way... Stand by. The English resurgence is coming!!)
  12. Hey! New site themes and languages. Check 'em out!

    It's alright... I've just been getting bored with all this lock-down shit and lack of more useful work and stuff...

  13. The early morning Sun glints off of the Skyline Plaza as it rises over Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.

    © Tim Penycate

  14. Hello! And welcome to artfreaks.com!!

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