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    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done
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  5. smb

    Frost Covered Trees

    Great photo. I love it!
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  7. A very cold freezing fog across much of the South East of England leaves a frosting on these trees in Haslemere.

    © Tim Penycate

  8. More trees in Haslemere following a night of freezing fog.

    © Tim Penycate

  9. The dramatic pink and blue sky over the Pine trees as the sun sets on a cold January evening in the Hogmoor Inclosure.

    © Tim Penycate

  10. The late Sunset through the Pine trees in the Hogmoor Inclosure on a cold January day.

    © Tim Penycate

  11. Thanks! I put a few key words in for you, based on your image title and description.
  12. Dusk comes to the Hogmoor Inclosure on a cold Winter afternoon. The reflection of the sky in the lake, and the distant silhouettes of the Hogmoor Sentinels and the Whitehill Radio Mast adds to the atmosphere.

    © Tim Penycate

  13. The outline of the Sun can be made out behind the clouds at the final Sunset of 2020 taken from the Hogmoor Inclosure.

    © Tim Penycate

  14. Fuggletim

    Cauliflower Moon

    © Tim Penycate

  15. Fuggletim

    Moon and Clouds

    The Moon or is it a giant Cauliflower?

    © Tim Penycate

  16. FunkyBoy

    Cyber Warrior

    Haha, thanks man, always nice to hear people like it!
  17. smb

    Cyber Warrior

    I'm sure that "cool" is not what is required for a Cyber Warrior but, for me, yeah... He's cool!! Funky, even!!! 'Love it!
  18. It's a sign of the times when you have to pay extra for something with nothing in it!

    1. Sibley


      what are we talking about

    2. smb


      Food additives. Pesticides and other unwanted chemicals. GMOs. All manner of man-made substances that are added to the products that we buy - without our permission - and which are somehow supposed to improve on nature?

      Anything that makes these products cheaper to buy than the untreated, unmodified all natural food/products which have not been "improved" or added to by man.

  19. Fuggletim

    Radio Mast at Dawn

    The Hogmoor Radio mast in Hampshire as dawn breaks.

    © Tim Penycate

  20. Early Dawn shows Delta Airlines Flight DL82 (Airbus A350 NS14DN) being overflown by the International Space Station on Christmas Morning 2020.

    © Tim Penycate

  21. Travelling at over 17,000 MPH, the ISS tracks across the early Christmas Morning sky over the Hogmoor Inclosure (or was it Santa Claus)?

    © Tim Penycate

  22. smb

    Snack Fiesta

    I have added some notes to help you see it! (Just roll your mouse cursor over the image to see the notes...)
  23. Thanks for uploading this. If you get a minute, could you please click on: Manage Image -> Edit Details? Then just give your image a title and a few tags (keywords) in order to make it searchable. A description is always nice to have too - although it is not strictly essential... But an image title and some tags are!!
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