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  2. smb

    I wish you were beer!

    Some photos of some of the more memorable pints that I have had. (Well... these things keep me going when I am on a dry ship - or in Bangkok, where I have yet to find a decent watering hole...)
  3. I just checked the link and I am glad to see that the Photography School Asia website is still going. I'd love to give one of their courses a try some day...
  4. Lois

    Photography by Lois

    Random shots (Animals, Plants, Photoshoots and Etc.)
  5. Earlier
  6. FunkyBoy

    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done
  7. ...with a work in progress! I have deliberately reduced this image so that I can use it as the category cover photo for the Art - (Group albums) category cover photo. A simple icon would have done the trick - but I'm sorry, I don't know how to do that! (Maybe, if I ask ask Pam, nicely?!!) :)
  8. That's got it! I only uploaded this so that I could change the cover photo for the Photography - (Group albums) category. The file has been deliberately reduced, in order to improve the Gallery index page loading speed. (All it really needed was some kind of a photography icon - but that is the best I can do for now...)
  9. A keen photographer taking photos of Japanese cherry blossom in Nagasaki - April 2006
  10. smb


    'Any particular stadium?!
  11. smb

    Advent 2019

    Veselé vánoce tobě !! 🎄
  12. Waaj


    Pro umělecké foto, které nelze jinam zařadit
  13. Lois


    Compilation of my digital layout designs, posters and artworks.
  14. Photo taken from onboard CS Limin Venture, sometime in February 2019, whilst engaged in the IKK Padang - Mentawi submarine cable installation project off the South coast of Sumatera, Indonesia.
  15. smb

    Gone Fishing

    Photographs of fishermen and their boats
  16. smb


    Just a few photos of ships that I have seen on my travels
  17. smb


    Just a few snapshots taken during some of my frequent visits to the city of Bangkok
  18. The buildings are not leaning and I am not drunk! The view just caught my eye as I was heading to the park for a walk... I will have to try to remember to keep my cellphone level next time!
  19. Very thorough and helpful info, Newbie. Thanks for letting me know, may see how it looks with what I have in mind, cheers!
  20. Where have you been since 2010? Get yourself back here and upload some of your art in the artfreaks.com Gallery!
  21. Newbie


    She's got a nice arse!!
  22. You can insert up to three URLs (plain text links) OR three images, (or any combination thereof) - but the images have to be quite small, otherwise they will muck-up the display... But you will find it's best to stick to one or two URLs and only one image. Otherwise you will keep getting error messages when you try to create your signature. Full Members can not insert HTML. Not even moderators are allowed to do that. It is just too dangerous for the security of the site. So that pretty well rules out banners - unless they are just plain images without any embedded links. The other thing to realize is that your signature only shows up in your Forum posts. (These things are really just a hangover from the good old days when Forums-based websites were all the rage...) To create your signature, you will not find it under Edit Profile... You need to go to your Account Settings.
  23. It's fine, a little at a time can't hurt. If the site goes down, it goes down, as would be the result with any other place I've posted stuff. It's all good.
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