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  2. It is said that a lot of holly berries mean a hard winter ahead. These berries were photographed in the Hogmoor Closure on Sunday 28/11/2021 and about 7 x hours later a snowstorm swept over the area!

    © Tim Penycate

  3. A Scots Pine in the Hogmoor Inclosure stands against a beautiful blue sky in the early Winter.

    © Tim Penycate

  4. Gosport Borough FC have lost 3-1 to Swindon Supermarine at Privett Park on a very cold early Winter November afternoon. However, the floodlights at the stadium and the Spinnaker Tower a mile or two away over in Portsmouth make a beautiful view!

    © Tim Penycate

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    Some of the other stuff I've done, including personal work and fan art.
  7. Concord in the foreground - with an Emirates A-380 and a British Airways Boeing 777 (I think?!) waiting for their take-off slots at London Heathrow Airport. As seen from the 6th floor of the Hilton Garden Inn, near Hatton Cross - November, 2021
  8. Due to shipping movements in and out of Portsmouth Harbour, Wight Ryder 2 had to make slightly longer sailing to the East of Spitbank Fort on the 15:45 crossing from Ryde Pier Head to Portsmouth. The long and slower crossing allowed for this beautiful image to be capture of the Sunset above the Fort and the Isle of Wight.

    © Tim Penycate

  9. The setting Sun glints onto the windows of a building off the end of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal Basin in the City of Gloucester.

    © Tim Penycate

  10. The tower of Gloucester Cathedral as seen from outside the Albion Cottages on Gloucester Docks at dusk.

    © Tim Pemycate

  11. And now I am bobbing around off the coast of California... Somehow, Bristol seems quite alluring!
  12. I used pencil and ball point. image reference from wild rift league of legends champion - Amumu
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