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  4. As I write this, I am looking at a figure of 33,509 deaths from Covid 19 so far... Worldwide... In a population of roughly something like around 6,000,000,000 people? So, again, very roughly, about one out of every 180,000 people on this planet? So far...? Obviously that figure will be a whole lot higher by the end of the year. So... What's it going to do... Bring the normal average annual death rate of 60 million from various causes up to 60.1 million worldwide? Or maybe even 61 million worldwide?? I'm really sad about all of the people who have - and will die from Covid 19 - even me, if I happen to be one of the unlucky ones... Just as I am also very sad about the roughly 15 million people who will have already died so far this year from other causes: A plethora of other diseases and illnesses, starvation, murder, accidents, wars and well, believe it or not - natural causes, even? (60 million on average, per year, divided by the first three months of the year... I'm hopeless with maths but even I can work that one out.) And it's "maths," by the way - with an "s" - if you please! Yes, SARS-CoV-2 (the so-called new coronavirus) is extremely contagious at the moment, because it is a new causative agent for disease in humans - (although not, obviously, in the bats or whatever other animal host it may have come from...) But I honestly don't believe that it is significantly more "deadly" than any of the other virus that causes flu-like symptoms - which, strangely enough, also happen to hit the elderly unfairly hard... A sensible amount of social distancing, massive (albeit somewhat belated) investment in our health services, taking care of our immune systems - and TRYING not to cause too much unnecessary extra stress by totally destroying our economies in the meantime might be a big help in fighting the disease caused by this virus, I think...?? One final note... I am a miserable old so-and-so and I genuinely prefer writing, to actually having to talk to people... So you can bring on all the social distancing you like, as far as I am concerned!
  5. smb

    Ships and Offshore

    Just a some random photos of ships and some other Offshore Johnny stuff from my travels.
  6. Last week
  7. And for all of my dear Filipino and Filipina artist and photographer friends... We don't usually hold an "exhibit..." We hold an "exhibition," OK? An exhibit is usually just one of many individual items, which may or may not be exhibited in an exhibition of several, or indeed, many other items. Kasi...!!!
  8. To all my very dear American friends: "Maths" is short for "mathematics," whereas... "math" is short for "mathematic." (sic.) So, could we please put the "s" in the abbreviation for "mathematics?" It's MATHS - not "math" - OK?!! Thank you!!
  9. This makes lemmings seem sensible!! From the same article quoted in the post above: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/17/a-fiasco-in-the-making-as-the-coronavirus-pandemic-takes-hold-we-are-making-decisions-without-reliable-data/
  10. From: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/17/a-fiasco-in-the-making-as-the-coronavirus-pandemic-takes-hold-we-are-making-decisions-without-reliable-data/ By John P.A. Ioannidis March 17, 2020 (My emphasis:) So the jury is still out... Things may not be quite as bad as we first thought... But then again, they might be... (In other words, if a lot more people have already been exposed to the lurgy than the official numbers have been showing - well that makes the death rate as an actual percentage of those who have been infected a lot lower than what we have been seeing so far...) Anyway, for the mean time, just follow the rules, keep your immune systems in peak condition at all times - and stay safe!! Also, just remember that stress has a terrible effect on our immune systems... OK, it's hard to avoid stress when you are worried sick about money, relatives, loved ones. You can't just make it go away... But one thing that will help to take your mind of it for a short while - and it will also help you to sleep better - is getting plenty of exercise. You don't need any fancy exercise machines... Running on the spot, push-ups, sit-ups - and if you are starting to get a little bit old, like me: just flapping your arms about will all help!! You can also cheat with the push-ups by using the edge of the kitchen sink so you don't have to bust your flabby guts!!!
  11. Night photography, including Lights and colors reflected in the water.
  12. smb

    Dog Food?

    Yep! 'Just what I was thinking...!!
  13. FunkyBoy

    Dog Food?

    Holy shit 10 years... WOW!
  14. Right guys and gals! 'Time to stop all this nonsense and get back to work!! (I've seen enough blind panic and stupidity to last me a lifetime...)

  15. smb

    Dog Food?

    Wow!! 'Nearly 10 years now; you've been contributing to artfreaks.com! Thanks for all your patience with the ups and downs along the way. I admire your stamina!!
  16. 'Extremely interesting article in the ft. Literally "hot off the press" - (just two hours ago at the time of writing...) The below link leads to a free gift article link - but it will only work for the first three click-through's. So it's very much 'first come - first served...' https://giftarticle.ft.com/giftarticle/actions/redeem/f24564da-a90d-4c4e-a549-441fbc50d059 Basically, it is about some yet to be substantiated research by Oxford University which, if proven to be correct, may indicate that anything up to half of the UK population may have already been exposed to the corona virus - and the vast majority of those people are already immune to the disease. Whether it turns out to be wholly true - or only partially so, this makes for extremely interesting reading and, as far as I am concerned, it offers more than a glimmer of hope! Happy reading! And... Stay safe and keep healthy!!
  17. Alright everyone, UK's just went into lockdown due to the C Virus, I know a good few of you are over seas where shit is much worse.

    I hope you all are doing okay, stay isolated, stay strong we'll all get through this one way or another.

    Take care everyone!!

    1. smb


      You take care too!! And people... Don't get too stressed... It is important to observe the lock-down rules for the time-being, in order to prevent the National Health Service from becoming overwhelmed. But it seems that a substantial part of the UK population may already be immune. (New research from Oxford University... See my latest post in my "Dreaded Lurgy" thread in the forums...)

      'Too early to get over-excited just yet - but there is definitely a glimmer of hope!! :)

      The moral of the story, keep your immune system in peak condition - (so no stress!!) - and keep your hands clean at all times.


  18. Right. Let's get this straight! I'm not talking about conspiracy theories - and I am not talking about the corona virus or covid-19, OK? OK, now, when talking about viruses in general... I do agree that a certain amount of very strictly controlled experimental science, in order to help to develop vaccines and find treatments, is actually necessary. But all this f'ing around with viruses, genetics - and, while I am at it - AI - just for the sake of it... Well... Due to our species innate and unique capacity for stupidity and self-destruction... It will end up in the wrong hands, sooner or later. And then, what are we going to do about it? OK, so the corona virus was NOT man-made: Read this article from the Financial Times: https://giftarticle.ft.com/giftarticle/actions/redeem/7e4e5eae-2d9a-4099-8dde-7dc6ec8eaf7c But the dangers of stupid people making stupid experiments with stupid viruses should not be ignored: And here's the link: I believe it only works as a free gift article for the first three click-throughs - so, first come, first served. And if you want real news, I would highly recommend the ft (Financial Times) https://giftarticle.ft.com/giftarticle/actions/redeem/4e652470-26b4-4812-b995-9266a415882f I need a beer!! When I eventually get of this dry ship, where I am currently marooned?!!
  19. When I was a kid, I used to think that lemmings were stupid... I now realize, that the human race is immeasurably more stupid. Playing with viruses FFS...?? The sheer stupidity of our particular species defies all belief... I read something about that in the ft a couple of weeks ago... Those people who experiment with live viruses? They need to be careful in the extreme.
  20. Lois

    Photography by Lois

    Random shots (Animals, Plants, Photoshoots and Etc.)
  21. Albert

    Color Commotion

    Thanks for appreciating guys! 💛
  22. Lois

    Color Commotion

    Awesome work ate Jamie ♥♥♥
  23. Sibley

    alchemy is a process

    an ancient branch of natural philosophy, a philosophical and protoscientific tradition[2] practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia,[2] originating in Greco-Roman Egypt in the first few centuries.[3]
  24. Earlier
  25. smb


    "Sining" - Tagalog for "art!!"
  26. smb

    Color Commotion

    Nice and bright and colourful! I love it!! Especially the fingers - and the hair... Awesome!!
  27. Albert

    Color Party

    Sari saring paglalaro ng kulay.
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