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  2. Having a good time ey? Haha
  3. Michelle Rolfe


    Just a few photos from my travels.
  4. The Sun is setting casting a golden glow onto the Scot’s Pine trees in the Hogmoor Inclosure. It is already past 20:30hrs and the Sun is very low in the sky.

    © Tim Penycate

  5. Fuggletim

    Hogmoor Moonrise.

    A full Moon slowly rises above the pine trees in the Hogmoor Inclosure on a warm Summer evening.

    © Tim Penycate

  6. Fuggletim

    Aldershot v Solihull Moors

    The 2022-2023 Season has started on a hot Saturday afternoon in Aldershot. A very dismal afternoon sees Aldershot in red lose 4-1. The Season finishes in April 2023, so things hopefully will get better!

    © Tim Penycate

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  8. Hello and welcome to the site!

  9. Fuggletim


    The final pre-season game at the Memorial Ground in Farnham sees Farnham go 4-0 up in the last minute of the game v Andover Town on Saturday 30th July 2022. Farnham’s real season starts on Tuesday 02nd August 2022 with a tough home game v Jersey Bulls!

    © Tim Penycate

  10. The Sun is setting to the West of the Hogmoor Inclosure creating a beautiful backdrop to the silhouetted pine trees and electricity power lines.

    © Tim Penycate

  11. Your brother must be well pleased with this! 'Fantastic piece of work - all the more so, being done on glass...
  12. FunkyBoy

    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done, including personal work and fan art.
  13. Fuggletim

    Football Action!

    Action from Farnham Town v Basingstoke Town!

    © Tim Penycate

  14. Fuggletim

    Football and Floodlights

    A “Pre-Season Friendly” under the floodlights at the Memorial Ground see Farnham Town draw 2-2 with Basingstoke Town.

    © Tim Penycate

  15. Despite nature appearing to be rapidly taking over, Farnham Railway Station is far from abandoned and a Class 450 Desiro has just arrived on a service from Guildford! Not abandoned, but just waiting for the weed killing train to pass through!

    © Tim Penycate

  16. A dog walker at Sunset in the Hogmoor Inclosure with the backdrop of a bright sky and backlit clouds.

    © Tim Penycate

  17. The Sun has set a few minutes ago and left these beautiful backlit clouds in the Hogmoor Inclosure.

    © Tim Penycate

  18. Fuggletim


    An iconic WW2 Supermarine Spitfire overflies the Isle of Wight Steam Railway 1940s Weekend in a bright Sunny and blue sky! The sound of the Rolls Royce “Merlin” engine is as distinctive and stirring as indeed as it is emotional!

    © Tim Penycate

  19. The penultimate service on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway makes it’s way in light steam back towards Havenstreet from Smallbrook Junction on a lovely Summer’s evening! The tail light on the back of the train will soon vanish around the curve and tranquility will soon return to Smallbrook Junction.

    © Tim Penycate

  20. An old pine tree surrounded by undergrowth in Pogles Wood, Bramshot Common near Haslemere, Surrey in the South of England

    © Tim Penycate

  21. 15 years later, and the link to the Chemicool site still works. Well, I'm glad something does, anyway!!
  22. The Sun casts its golden light on the trees in the Hogmoor Inclosure. The colour contrasts of the green trees, blue sky and brown tree are beautiful!

    © Tim Penycate

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