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  1. smb

    SCfmSL - Sleep

    Hey! My Shitty Life is worse than your Shitty Life! OK?!!
  2. Legs that look like legs, rather than tree trunks. Now that's a start! Well... they may not be pretty but then again, it's been a few decades since that could have been said about them! :rofl:

  3. Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!

    You have now been upgraded to the Full Members group, so you should be able to upload images and post in the Forums etc., without having to wait for Admin approval :)

    1. smb


      Uh? What happened?!!

  4. smb

    Stalker Concept

    "...original ìmage has been lost on a broken PC" Those were the days!!
  5. A lone figure is silhouetted as they walk through the Hogmoor Inclosure on an unreasonably cold April Evening.
  6. That bastard statue is still there in the middle of that flipping pond!!
  7. “All hope abandon, ye who enter in!”

    Schumacher, Eric. God's Hammer: A Viking Age Novel (Hakon's Saga Book 1) (p. 417). Legionary Books - A Next Chapter Imprint. Kindle Edition.

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