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  1. Nice! (It would be even nicer if it was a high resolution image file - like 5Mb or upwards!!) The maximum file size for this section of the site is 1.5Gb - not MB!!
  2. Please use the "Image Tools" drop-down menu to rotate the image so that it is the right way up! Thank you!
  3. Wonderful art. Please upload more of it here at artfreaks.com
  4. Wow! August 2012! Well that's a bit of a blast from the past...
  5. New turtle animated gifs from: animatedimages.org Check-out the other ones in there! (And let me know if you find any more good one's that I can use on the site!)
  6. Very nice!! So what media did you use? It looks like watercolor? (Hint, hint... Image title and description, please!!)
  7. My cellphone camera didn't really do this justice. The Galaxy Note 5 is fine for daytime photography but it's not so hot in low light conditions...
  8. Night photography, including Lights and colors reflected in the water.
  9. I love this. The tree bark is stunning. 'Nice autumnal feel to it...
  10. smb


    Those cloth face masks that you made from recycled old clothing and materials... That's a great way of recycling - and very useful in helping to conserve the limited supplies of surgical-grade masks for the medical professions - who are the one's who really need them. You should make more of those things! (And don't forget to upload some photos of the finished product.) Cloth masks will not protect you against air-born viruses but what they will do, is that they WILL be a massive help in reducing the transmission of viruses among the population. Basically, if you sneeze or cough, they really help to protect the people around you. Social responsibility! Recycling pa! That is one of the reasons - among many others - why the spread of Covid-19 has been relatively well-controlled in several South East Asian countries... Places like Japan, to name just one, where people are used to wearing masks when they are not feeling well and they have to go out into a public place. It's just being sociably responsible to the people around you.
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