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  1. smb

    Frost Covered Trees

    Great photo. I love it!
  2. Thanks! I put a few key words in for you, based on your image title and description.
  3. smb

    Cyber Warrior

    I'm sure that "cool" is not what is required for a Cyber Warrior but, for me, yeah... He's cool!! Funky, even!!! 'Love it!
  4. It's a sign of the times when you have to pay extra for something with nothing in it!

    1. Sibley


      what are we talking about

    2. smb


      Food additives. Pesticides and other unwanted chemicals. GMOs. All manner of man-made substances that are added to the products that we buy - without our permission - and which are somehow supposed to improve on nature?

      Anything that makes these products cheaper to buy than the untreated, unmodified all natural food/products which have not been "improved" or added to by man.

  5. smb

    Snack Fiesta

    I have added some notes to help you see it! (Just roll your mouse cursor over the image to see the notes...)
  6. Thanks for uploading this. If you get a minute, could you please click on: Manage Image -> Edit Details? Then just give your image a title and a few tags (keywords) in order to make it searchable. A description is always nice to have too - although it is not strictly essential... But an image title and some tags are!!
  7. smb

    Snack Fiesta

    The chocolate chip cookie looks like it has a face on it! Or is it just me?
  8. A wintery scene over Somerset fields, looking towards Cheddar Gorge. I almost missed this! The rainbow was a glorious full arc, when I first spotted it. So I rushed inside to get my cellhone but, by the time I got back outside, there was only half of the rainbow left.
  9. Welcome to artfreaks.com!

    1. smb


      Tell us something about yourself so we can upgrade your membership to Full Member status.

  10. Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!

    You have been upgraded to the Full Members group, so you should now be able to upload images and post in the Forums etc., without having to wait for Admin approval.

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