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  2. smb

    Tiefling Theif

    Wait... 'Got it! Dungeons an Dragons! Good old Google! https://dnd.wizards.com/
  3. smb

    Tiefling Theif

    DnD?? Let me guess... Death and Destruction? Or what?
  4. Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!

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  5. Thanks for your input on this article. It's really good to have some feedback and discussion here on artfreaks.com. It can get lonely talking to oneself a lot of the time! So thank you again - and please keep it up!
  6. You have to pluck up the courage to get started in the first place!!! With these methods, people who think they "can't draw" will invariable find out that they can. No matter how bad they think they are at art, if they follow even some of the methods described in the book, they will find that they can achieve passable results that they will be quite pleased with. And then they can take it from there...
  7. I think this method was designed for people who tend to draw the conceptualized images, especially for the parts of human anatomy, that are held in some people's brains - rather than what is actually in front of their eyes? So, basically, it is a way of tricking the part of the mind that can get in the way when people who claim that they 'can't draw to save their lives' - especially when it comes to people and non-human animals. In short, this is most definitely not a book for accomplished artists, like yourself. I think it was intended for people who would love to be able to draw and pai
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