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Found 10 results

  1. Most cities still have a frenetic morning and evening rush hour. Here it plays out along Makati City’s Ayala Avenue in Manila.

    © Tim Penycate

  2. From the album: Manila, Philippines

    and collecting the garbage of humanity. Notice the bags for recycling... These guys perform the duties that you and I should be doing. Separating our waste... And what are you doing for the planet? For your children? For your grand children? And for all of the inhabitants of this Earth? Not only homo-sapiens... Just one of the billions of species on this planet. For the wolves? The most noble of all the species of animals... Not man! Even cockroaches and rats have a right to be here, you know? Polar bears... Not only you. You are so so selfish. Did you know that??
  3. 282 downloads

    Manila Bay and Roxas Blvd. along the Ermita/Malate shoreline. Night photo, taken from the 32nd floor of a high rise building in Ermita. You can get a high quality print of this at ArtWanted.com
  4. From the album: Manila, Philippines

    Judging by the amount of steel, this is going to be yet another pretty substantial building - crammed into a very small plot of land. Corner of Santa Monica and Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila - December 2019
  5. Amazonia, 470 M.H. del Pilar St., (on the corner of Santa Monica,) Ermita, Manila. (Tel: 02 450 0126 0r 02 450 0127) The waitresses are friendly and very efficient. Not every night is a band night, though, so call first and see who is playing. The place is open 24 hours and they do a great breakfast too. (They also serve great coffee. I prefer theirs to Starbucks any day!) Update - April 25, 2006: I was in there a few days ago and they tried to charge me PHP 110 for a bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen (smb.) I don't mind paying a premium for a decent beer in nice surroundings but, to my mind, PHP 110 is taking the piss... Still, each to their own. Amazonia has its share of freelance girls but they are less insistent there than, say, L.A. Cafe (just across the road.) So if you just want a quiet beer and you are not too worried about the price, Amazonia might fit the bill. Updated details - Venue closed-down Update - 28/04/2019: This place has been closed for years...
  6. From the album: People Photography and Street Scenes

    Photo taken in Malate, Manila - March 2005 Pretty young Filipina flower girls Unfortunately, when I reduced the image file for posting on a previous version of ArtFreaks, I never thought to keep the original high resolution image file.
  7. Art galleries and artists offering art lessons and workshops in Manila: post your details and updates here! Just hit "reply" and let us have it! There is no need to go through a cumbersome registration process any more. You can simply post as a Guest if that makes life any easier for you? I am all for keeping things simple!!
  8. I love the Philippines. Filipinos are, without a doubt, some of the friendliest, most fun-loving, outgoing and easygoing people in the world. And that is quite an awesome combination! I call Manila 'home' - and PAL (Philippine Airlines) also happens to be my favourite airline. I also quite like Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)... It's nothing special in terms of modernity or facilities but checking in, Security, Immigration, Customs and all of the usual rigmarole generally work pretty smoothly. You can even get a smile out of an Immigration Officer - sometimes! Now that is saying something!! And you always get a nice welcoming chorus somewhere in the arrivals area at Christmas time. But... (Moaning Poms!!) How long will it be before Watsons realise that they do need to stock up on antacid tablets before Christmas and the New Year? (Not in the middle of January.) IE, When the demand is bound to be higher and supply chains are always severely disrupted? Or, how long before suppliers in general start to realise that essential supply chains do need to be maintained over the Christmas and New Year period? ...Or that it is actually quite a good idea to have more than two or three taxis working NAIA, the main international airport, on New Year's Day? (Not just let them all take the day off because they have hangovers from celebrating on New Year's Eve?) Funny as hell, that! When I cleared Customs at NAIA (MNL) the other day and saw the state of the queue for the official airport taxis, I managed to bluff my way past the guard who was insisting on preventing people from going upstairs to the Departures area - (where you can generally hop into an incoming, non-airport taxi that has just dropped off a departing passenger) - even though the queue for taxis at Arrivals was probably about five or six hours long... Basically, I used the momentum of my heavy suitcase to get myself onto the escalator up to the Departures level. Then, once I was safely on the escalator and moving steadily upwards, I made a big show of looking for my onward domestic ticket... By the time the guard realised what I was up to, I was already halfway up and it was too late! There was no angry exchange and there were no hard feelings. I just lamely explained to the Guard that the queue for regular taxis was ever so slightly on the unbearably long side - and we both smiled as we said goodbye!! The Philippines! I just love this place! ❤️
  9. Ok, we know who the artist is but does anyone know anything about Alfredo Buenaventura? The following was received by e-mail:
  10. What happened to the Manila Bay Walk? I may be wrong but, as I understand it; Mayor Alfredo Lim had an old City of Manila ordinance enforced - which effectively closed the place down. The law in question basically forbids the consumption of alcohol in any open-air space in Manila... People used to go to the Baywalk for the holiday-like atmosphere and to be able to eat really good food at economical prices. Whilst enjoying the sunset, they could also take their choice of any number of excellent bands, comedy acts and other live acts - mostly provided by Filipino entertainers in-between bookings for overseas contracts in places like Japan and aboard cruise ships, or whatever... Anyway, take away the cold San Miguel Beer - and you are not going to get a lot of people wanting to dine out and watch a live band with just a glass of water to wash the food down. No alcohol. Very few punters. Place effectively dead within a matter of days... As to the reason why Mayor Lim choose to use an old city ordinance to close the Baywalk - whilst turning a completely blind eye to all the merry beer consumption that goes on in the streets of Malate, (also in the City of Manila) - well... like I said... only he can answer that one. I have my own theories and of course, these are only personal opinions... One reason might be politics? Mayor Lim seems to have done his best to remove as many traces of his predecessor's fine works as possible. (Another example was the vandalizing of one and a half million pesos worth of pedestrian walkway in Avenida Rizal...) I also heard a rumor that Mayor Lim was upset by so many gorgeous young Flipina lady singers showing a little too much thigh and belly button whilst performing on stage with their bands. Damn! Is there something wrong with looking good and a little bit sexy???!!! And, bare in mind, Mayor Lim had a damn good attempt at turning Ermita into a ghost town when he had most, if not all of the 'girlie bars" there closed down during his previous tenure in office as the Mayor of the City of Manila. Meanwhile, all the "mga baklat" (lady-boys) in Malate were - and still are - free to carry-on as they always have done...!!
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