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  1. smb

    Oh! Long time, no see! Welcome back!!

    1. Rexus


      thanks my friend.. now making music and youtube videos :)

  2. smb

    Happy Birthday!

  3. smb

    Welcome back!

  4. Ok! :) Happy New year !!!!!!

  5. Rexus

    MY LOGO!!!

    This picture was made full with BluffTitler and finished in Corel PhotoPain x3. I want to call MY LOGO! For background i was downloaded picture 085.jpg from 90 Neon Wallpapers 1440 X 900 (www.allwallpapersfree.blogspot.com).
  6. Rexus

    Heavy Rain!!!

    Part of this image belong to freewebs Neon pic, I was work with BluffTitler and combined finish with effect rain and wave from Corel Paint x3
  7. Rexus


    This was made with Corel x3 Paint, I just call this image "Window"
  8. smb

    Nice designs! :)

  9. © Dragan Gorjan

  10. Rexus

    3D Text

    Some of my own design's
  11. smb

    Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

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