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About Me

Found 43 results

  1. Sibley


    From the album: randomness

  2. Lois

    Daily Life

    From the album: Digital

    This shows how my daily life goes when it's rest day.
  3. I am a new artist member of this site, and I joined in hopes that I would be able to connect and share ideas about other artist's work and the work that I produce. I look forward to creating strong bounds with fellow artists and look forward to viewing and showing art. I have linked two examples of my art so to give an idea of what kind of work I produce. I have also linked my web site. Thank you. http://rlouism.com/
  4. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A richly colored Iris painting 24" x 12" Sold

    © Mildred King

  5. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom set against a Southwest landscape. 18"x24" Sold

    © Mildred King

  6. Hey guys and girls, I hav started streaming my art! Watch it here: https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=FunkyBoy Does anyone else do this?
  7. Azazel

    random drawings

    Anyone can draw anything within forum rules. Please Do Not Spam!!
  8. Millie King

    Royalty Iris

    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Deep royal red and yellow Iris painting- oil on canvas. 20X16 Sold

    © Mildred King

  9. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    An free flowing abstracted view of a colorful Dahlia. Oil on canvas, 24" x 36" x 1.5" sides painted as a continuation of the front. $ 965.00 *shipping included Continental Us only.

    © Mildred King

  10. FunkyBoy


    From the album: Other Work

    This is a gift I have created for my friends parents who have supported me, helped me, looked after me and treated me as one of the family without ever asking for anything in return.I have nothing to give other than my skills as an artist.The insperation came from a whole pile of old Japanese art, so mixing that with my style, a touch of manga and elements from said old styles of Japanese art, this was the result.As big fans of the Japanese culture, lets hope they like it! It will be printed in high quality and framed before I present it to them.wish me luck!
  11. FunkyBoy

    Eva Unit 1

    From the album: Other Work

    A long time coming.Neon Genesis Evangelion fan art.Full view for details please.Also NGE in a nutshell: youtu.be/cl9vGpaIeBE
  12. From the album: Other Work

    Hi folks, This was a paid commission for a fiend of mine who wanted a Cyborg Ninja with hints of Metal Gear Rising, so I sued such influenced and created this, with my first real attempt of free hand background [usually I don't bother or draw it in, this was just all painted in one go]. Took about 3-4 days worth of work, 9 hours or more per day. Done in sketchbook pro. Comments and crit welcome.

    © Callum Johnson

  13. FunkyBoy

    Dark CuBone

    From the album: Other Work

    Well, this is as far as I'm willing to take this. Was a good warm up for the last day or so, now onto the next piece. Original line work can be found here:nullboss.deviantart.com/art/Da… Took about 2 days, on off work, Sketch Book Pro only used. Comments and crit are welcome, but keep it constructive, eh?

    © Callum Johnson

  14. Any suggestions for new categories in the Forums, Gallery or the Articles database, please feel free to let me know by way of a reply to this topic. Happy posting! Vic Rolfe - Owner of artfreaks.com
  15. Millie King

    Day Lilies

    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A yellow Day Lily set against a tapestry of garden of flowers. Sides are painted as a continuation of front- 20" x 16" x 1.5"- oil on Gallery Wrapped canvas Frame not needed. $265.00

    © Mildred King

  16. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    Title The Tulips of Tuscany-A warm romantic view of Rembrandt's tulips again a soft Tuscan background oil on canvas,20"x16" 265. unframed

    © Mildred King

  17. Millie King

    Blue Iris

    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A beautiful blue Iris in a garden 18" x 14" Sold

    © Mildred King

  18. Millie King

    Poppy Field

    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A brilliant field of poppies- 14" x 18" Sold

    © Mildred king

  19. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A large floral painting of Dahlia in romantic evening light on convex canvas. Size: 36"x24" $965.
  20. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Curly Petal Dahlia painting accentuating the abstract nature of the blossom 18" x 24" $600.

    © Mildred King

  21. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Lavender Iris painting 14" x 11" Sold

    © Mildred King

  22. From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    Kiku-menaing Chrysanthemum and believed by the Chinese to possess the power of life. size 48"x24" $ 950.unframed. Note* this painting looks great horizontally also.

    © Mildred King

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