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  1. In my family My father's mother was a pretty god artist, unfortunately no one ever kept any of her paintings. I only saw one and my father was alos really good at drawing, but as much as I begged him, he never did anything with it, so though I was never encouraged; I am the first and only member of my family to actually go to college, pursue a degree in art and actively work at it. They inspired me in spite of themselves, LOL
  2. I hear you and am fortunate that my children never touched my art supplies. Unfortunately they do not have any natural inclinations toward art either, which makes talking with them about it impossible. On another note, I really love BFK Rives papers, they are archival, heavy, durable, affordable and super versatile accepting many mediums and you can even paint and you can draw or print on the back without any show or bleed through. I use it for all my paintings on paper. You can even purchase a roll.
  3. Thanks again smb, these lil pieces sure do brighten up a space.
  4. I love to deep dive into a painting, it often developes into a relationship with other paintings, as in this case where one of the versions that reminded me of clothes lines, showed up again in an unrelated, yet similar piece I call Pray. See if you can tell which one sparked my imagination.
  5. Thanks again smb For some reason I love painting on this heavy paper, the way the paint and brush react to it is wonderful. Also the paintings can be shipped flat; I prefer not to roll original art. This one lends itself to other versions too and I took advantage of that and made smaller versions, like these two. Each is a good composition in itself, but make a connected series.
  6. Title: Black and White Abstract Media acrylic on canvas Size 18 x 36" unframed Varied brush strokes creating movement, minimal color and subtly suggestive shapes make this painting interesting and adaptive to any environment.

    © Mildred king

  7. Title: In The Pinks I Medium- mixed media on paper Size 7 x 6.5" unframedJust as colors interact in a painting, I love the way paint interacts with this heavy textured paper, it sparks my imagination and one painting often becomes the inspiration for more. The 1st in this new series; this small painting on paper will fit almost anywhere to brighten up your home or office. It pairs with others in this series or can be framed as a stand alone piece Note: The original has deckled edges and can be float mounted,

    © Mildred King

  8. Title: Upstairs Flat 3B Mixed media on paper Here is the second in this Pinks series, another variation on this theme. Part of my process is to break ideas down into smaller compositions that work together.

    © Mildred Kiing

  9. Title: Salmon Flats Medium mixed media on paper Size 15x11 " unframed $350.00 This painting is suggestive of a cityscape, with elements suggestive of a cityscape, yet it retains a subjective abstract quality. This allows it to be at home in a variety of environments and can fit almost anywhere to brighten up your home or office. It pairs well with others in this series or can be framed as a stand alone piece Note: The original painting has deckled edges and can be float mounted and comes unframed. I have found that most prefer to choose their own frames and matting.

    © Mildred King

  10. Title: Friends' Media mixed media on paper size 7x6.5" unframed Suggestive of sunshine coming in through a window where friends meet. Another small painting to warm your heart, home or office.

    © M. Kiing

  11. Title: Le Bourgeon Media mixed media on paper Size Dimensions15.500 x 20.500 x 0.250 inches Price$360 The flower's bud embodies a freedom of expression, holding the promise of life, transformation. Vibrant colors in reds, black and yellows surround the subtle emerging flower bud. Original will ship mounted on foam-core to protect from bending

    © Mildred King

  12. Speaking of more realistic pieces, I just painted this .

    Koi swimming near river rocks in clear water that abstractly reflects a bright blue sky.

    Title: Koi I

    Media acrylic on canvas

    Size 14 x 11 inches

    One of my fave colors is Indanthrone blue, it is so rich and deep, makes great blacks using umbers, deep greens, purple, and sienna for greys as well that don't have that dead look. I prefer to mix all blacks.


    Koi 1copy.png

    1. Millie King

      Millie King

      This may need a few finishing touches to calm the  water surface.

    2. smb


      Beautiful! I love this.

    3. Millie King

      Millie King

      Thanks smb, This may need a few finishing touches to calm the  water surface.

  13. Thank you smb, I do seem to derive the most inner pleasure from doing abstract works these days, however I still am getting inspired to do more realistic ones too and I think I must just choose one or the other to be more successful.
  14. Hey SMB, I just uploaded a new painting and added tags, but after it uploaded, it didn't show up with the rest I put up the other day, I, as usual, am confused by this, Can you please explain what I did wrong?  I could not find a save button after uploading...I ever tried refreshing, but no luck so far...

    I think I'm doing upload to different places too, but don't know what to do about that to end the redundancy.


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