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  1. Title: Please Daddy acrylic on canvas 18 x 36 unframed art, abstract black and white painting has lots of movement, emotional content
  2. Title: High On Life acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 bright colorful and lively abstract expressionist painting.
  3. This is giving me serious chills, I'm not a good swimmer and it looks like that really wouldn't make any difference here.
  4. So every time I make a version of another painting, all I have to remember is to include tags from any former versions...goes both ways.
  5. Wow, I didn't know that...great!!, and thanks yet again. I'll eventually catch up. LOL
  6. Thank you, now I wonder..., is it the description that's emotive or the painting if you didn't read about it?
  7. Millie King


    Wow, you are fortunate, I have 2 children and neither of them are artistically inclined. i must be nice to share that creative fun with them.
  8. It is. I was surprised when I flipped the original and saw all the emotion in this view..
  9. Millie King

    Life Changes

    Yes, I wanted to add more titles, I was able to do that earlier, but somehow now when I use the add image button, there is no textbox for titles, media, size etc and I don'r know what I'm doing differently. I think I must have uploaded from a different link, but I don't remember where I found that one now. I did look for it, but not found. Sorry to be such a ditz here, LOL
  10. Millie King

    Life Changes

    I had some red rosin floor paper and just loved the light Mars Violet color. it felt like a really great surface for pastels, so i made a couple of large drawings on it. both are 72"H x 36" W. The small half body shape on the right was a piece of clay sculpture that had broken apart in firing and was discarded; this is a view from the back of itS. Sometimes the oddest objects fit right in. Then her profile showed up in another painting titled Holding On.
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