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  1. FunkyBoy

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    Some of the other stuff I've done, including personal work and fan art.
  2. Posting horrible art pictures is what I do! Trust me, there will be MORE! :p Thank you for the comment.
  3. I'm still alive.

    Check out my uploads! I've been busy...

  4. Hi all,

    Wishing you all a merry christmas, hope y'all have a wonderful time and laugh and grow fat from feasting!

    I want to thank everyone who's viewed my art, commented and reacted, I super appreciate it!

    Stay safe

    1. smb


      Merry Christmas!!

    2. FunkyBoy


      You too! Hope you had a good one.

  5. Been silent for a while, big update just got a new laptop FINALLY! So expect much larger, more detailed, better work :P

    1. smb


      'Looking  forward to seeing it!

  6. I still don't think that's quite the right way to approach it regardless of if people think they can't draw, as you said the initial hurdle is having the courage to try and the fortitude to keep at it! I don't really understand how ignoring al the very basic rules under the pretence that they "Cant Draw" so instead go around the core fundamentals will teach anyone anything but, look for short cuts and things to make learning through practice "easier". IT may just be I dont fully grasp this concept, being Autistic, I struggle with some specific ways of thinking. I mean if it works for people then, good on em.
  7. This... This is the most bizzare thing I've ever heard of when it comes to learning to draw. Don't practice, don't draw the subject you want, just draw everything else? Otherwise your work becomes technical and boring? Am I missing something here? Okay, you get good at drawing what's there as apposed to working overly hard on the subject manner but if you don't work on your weaknesses how ever will you develop? This entire thing has boggled my mind!
  8. Oi, Oi, been away a while, mental health is a struggle but I've got about 6 or more new works on the way... Yeeey! 

    1. smb


      Welcome back!

  9. FunkyBoy...



    You are one of the Leaders of this site!!



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    2. smb


      Haha!! Well, according to the site "Leaderboard", you are definitely in the lead!! :)

    3. FunkyBoy


      Hm, I see. Well, I do submit lots of art I guess :p

    4. smb


      Keep it coming!

  10. Hey boys and girls, I'm doing a music project with my brother. I'm writing some songs and doing vocals, here is one of our first with my vocals and his writing: https://legionofweasels.bandcamp.com/track/frey-fyfe-2

    Be warned it is metal.

    1. smb



  11. Hey all hope you are well,

    I know my updates and uploads here are slow and few in-between! I hope you are all doing well during this time of chaos, I myself have been knuckling down on both art and miniatures and have had my other time stolen by immersive games. My pc recently developed a fault that, if I leave it on too long or try and use anything that's not super low on requiments, it goes to blue screen and one of the hard drives which is the one with my OS is failing... I've just got an old family laptop so will be using that but setting everything up takes time. However fear not, I hope to be back in force soon with new stuff and updates to all my old messy content.

    Take care.

    In the Machine God and the God Emperor we trust

    1. smb


      Good luck with setting up the spare laptop. I know what you mean about how time consuming it is. Well, I finally got off the prison ship. 'Just got back to the UK yesterday - to a glorious summer afternoon. Today it feels more like a glorious British winter!

    2. FunkyBoy


      That's  British weather all year round, grey cold and wet, just the way we like it :p 

  12. BOOM! Have not updated in a while, but I've been busy, much more to come shortly. Cheers for the views and the faves! 

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    2. smb


      In the Philippines, they call me "bad grass." (Weeds, that is - as opposed to "weed..." IE, very hard to get rid of!!) :rofl:

    3. smb


      By the way... As one of the founding members of artfreaks.com - and certainly one of the most patient with the site over the years, I am going to honor you with your avatar on the icon for the Member's own albums category of the Gallery... Whether you like it or not!! :)

    4. FunkyBoy


      I'm so bad at noticing stuff like this, I'm so sorry! 3 months gosh.. Anyway, I thank you kindly! That is an honor!

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