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  1. FunkyBoy

    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done
  2. FunkyBoy


    I paint tiny plastic men to fill the void in my soul where my creativity was.
  3. BOOM! Have not updated in a while, but I've been busy, much more to come shortly. Cheers for the views and the faves! 

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    2. FunkyBoy


      I'm like a cold, I keep coming back

    3. smb


      In the Philippines, they call me "bad grass." (Weeds, that is - as opposed to "weed..." IE, very hard to get rid of!!) :rofl:

    4. smb


      By the way... As one of the founding members of artfreaks.com - and certainly one of the most patient with the site over the years, I am going to honor you with your avatar on the icon for the Member's own albums category of the Gallery... Whether you like it or not!! :)

  4. FunkyBoy

    Dog Food?

    Holy shit 10 years... WOW!
  5. Alright everyone, UK's just went into lockdown due to the C Virus, I know a good few of you are over seas where shit is much worse.

    I hope you all are doing okay, stay isolated, stay strong we'll all get through this one way or another.

    Take care everyone!!

    1. smb


      You take care too!! And people... Don't get too stressed... It is important to observe the lock-down rules for the time-being, in order to prevent the National Health Service from becoming overwhelmed. But it seems that a substantial part of the UK population may already be immune. (New research from Oxford University... See my latest post in my "Dreaded Lurgy" thread in the forums...)

      'Too early to get over-excited just yet - but there is definitely a glimmer of hope!! :)

      The moral of the story, keep your immune system in peak condition - (so no stress!!) - and keep your hands clean at all times.


  6.  Battle Brothers and Sisters, I am returned! With that, expect the increase in both Digital Art and more images [Hopefully of better quality] of my Miniature work. I've got a lot to do on both sides, so let us pray to the God Emperor that I can keep a constant pace. 

     " Only in death does duty end. "

    1. smb


      Welcome back!!

      I am going to be working off the coast of Somalia for the next severel weeks. Internet will be poor at best... I'll drop by the site whenever I get the chance!

    2. FunkyBoy


      Oh gosh, do take care! Hopefully there will be lots of new stuff if/when you can check. :D

    3. smb


      We are all battle brothers and sisters now 🙂

  7. Time Away.

    Battle Brothers and Sisters, Due to some personal issues and the upcoming "Holiday" period, I've not been quite as active as I'd like. Due to said Holiday period, I shall be away for about 3 weeks or so, however when I return, I will be uploading more miniature work, getting back to trying to get at least one art piece done a week and will start to seriously consider changing my commission stuff from art, to miniature focus to see if it has any results. By the grace of the God Emperor of Mankind, I wish you all an acceptable holiday season and hope you will remain vigilant and steadfast for what is to come in the year of 2020.

    " It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself. "

    1. smb


      Very good!! 'Look forward to seeing you in about three weeks, then!

  8. Very thorough and helpful info, Newbie. Thanks for letting me know, may see how it looks with what I have in mind, cheers!
  9. It's fine, a little at a time can't hurt. If the site goes down, it goes down, as would be the result with any other place I've posted stuff. It's all good.
  10. As this has now popped up again, I would take the opportunity to ask is it only text based sig's that we can use or is there like a facility to get banners or images instead?
  11. You know, I've still got bits left so I could.. and my painting skills now make that look like poor at best so I might.
  12. Yeah, I didn't realise I'd uploaded so many... and there is at least twice as many to come. However yes, I'll be updating the folder each day with names, descriptions and tags, it's just going to take a while. 😛
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