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  1. FunkyBoy

    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done, including personal work and fan art.
  2. Posting horrible art pictures is what I do! Trust me, there will be MORE! :p Thank you for the comment.
  3. I'm still alive.

    Check out my uploads! I've been busy...

  4. Hi all,

    Wishing you all a merry christmas, hope y'all have a wonderful time and laugh and grow fat from feasting!

    I want to thank everyone who's viewed my art, commented and reacted, I super appreciate it!

    Stay safe

    1. smb


      Merry Christmas!!

    2. FunkyBoy


      You too! Hope you had a good one.

  5. Somehow only just noticed this! That is awesome, wonderful work!
  6. FunkyBoy

    Tiefling Theif

    I thought you were joking! Aha! Yeah Dungeons and Dragons my dude
  7. Been silent for a while, big update just got a new laptop FINALLY! So expect much larger, more detailed, better work :P

    1. smb


      'Looking  forward to seeing it!

  8. I still don't think that's quite the right way to approach it regardless of if people think they can't draw, as you said the initial hurdle is having the courage to try and the fortitude to keep at it! I don't really understand how ignoring al the very basic rules under the pretence that they "Cant Draw" so instead go around the core fundamentals will teach anyone anything but, look for short cuts and things to make learning through practice "easier". IT may just be I dont fully grasp this concept, being Autistic, I struggle with some specific ways of thinking. I mean if it works for people then, good on em.
  9. FunkyBoy


    I paint tiny plastic men to fill the void in my soul where my creativity was.
  10. Nature retaking from human construction is always an oddly beautiful and fancinating subject.
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