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  1. Now, let's get this thing into perspective... Worldwide, 38 million people have HIV Latest figure for Covid-19 infections: 11.5 million. Officially recorded Covid-19 deaths, so far: just over 0.522 million AIDS report: Kids are lagging and Covid-19 is harming care
  2. We had a tornado in Marian Village a few years ago. Just a very small one, fortunately. But it ripped my fire tree out and nearly blew my kubo away - with me in it!!!
  3. It's at the end of the road there. The Whitehill "Crossroads" (or Roundabout, these days...)? Anyway, what, in fact, is a "crock"?!!
  4. Amazing... I thought I knew all your work intimately... December 2017... 'Missed this one. I must have been out at sea somewhere?
  5. smb

    everybody stay calm

    Wow! 666 views...
  6. A beautiful red, black and white butterfly taking a rest on my copy of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.
  7. A beautiful butterfly resting on my magazine in an English country garden in the summer.
  8. Welcome to the site!

  9. It's about time you had some rain in Hampshire. We've had enough in Somerset to last until the end of the month, now!
  10. smb


    Well that's OK, then... I thought you found it at home!!
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    Awesome! I love it!!
  12. smb

    Abandon Home

    I wonder if it's haunted?!!
  13. I've just started reading a book called "Men Explain Things to Me" by Rebecca Solnit. The dedication reads: (my emphasis) Well... Having a mother, a sister, two nieces and three wonderful daughters, I would say that you can count me in there! This is a very interesting book. Deadly serious in places but laced throughout with Rebecca's ferocious humor!! (I'll try to find a better word than "ferocious" to describe her sense of humor - but that will have to do for now...) One thought that struck me as soon as I started to get into the book is that men explain things to me too. I think it must me a "man thing"? So don't worry, Rebecca. It's not just women that men try to explain things to. They do it to each other. All the flippin time!! I have lost count, for instance, of all the men who have been explaining to me recently about the new coronavirus. As if I'd never even heard of it?!! Okay, okay... So I have been locked-down on a ship for the best part of five months now. But we do have internet on here. And I can actually read the news.
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