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  1. Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!


  2. smb

    La Luna

    Nice one!!
  3. One day visit - never to be seen at artfreaks again...

    So sad! :cray:

  4. smb

    Taal Volcano

    May usok pala ang Taal Volcano!!
  5. I've just turned off new registrations for a bit... Until this latest spam attack dies down.


    Take a walk!!

  6. You've just been banned.

    Please find someone else's site to spam.

    Thank you

  7. smb


    'Good to see you back here posting. Thanks for your support. Awesome art, as useual!
  8. I've only just caught up with these... 'Been having terrible problems with internet lately... Nice photo!
  9. smb


    Awesome shot! The goalie looks like Superman!!
  10. Hello and welcome to artfreaks.com!

  11. From the album: Bring Back the Trains!

    Look for the place with the stone archway entrance to the left of the escalater - (which was out of service...) Now a currency exchange kiosk. In the days before next day deliveries to your home address, the Parcel Office at London Victoria would have been as busy and bustling as the rest of the station.
  12. smb

    Bring Back the Trains!

    A random collection of railway photos - from modern, heritage and even some long abandoned lines.
  13. From the album: Bring Back the Trains!

    Now with a Burger King right in front!! Whatever happened to the good old days of proper Dining Cars on trains?!
  14. From the album: Bring Back the Trains!

    With the obligatory London Red Bus (albeit a modern single-decker) - and of course, a young pretty girl who just happened to be standing there at the time!!
  15. Hello and welcome to the site!

  16. Your brother must be well pleased with this! 'Fantastic piece of work - all the more so, being done on glass...
  17. 15 years later, and the link to the Chemicool site still works. Well, I'm glad something does, anyway!!
  18. I love the Buddleia. But what's all that about an abandoned platform? The Watercress Line trains are still running into Alton, I sincerely hope?
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