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    • So... Just at the very time that the Japanese were starting to build their Shinkansen network - we had Transport Minister and motorway construction king, Earnest Marples - very ably assisted by his puppet, Beeching - slashing our railway network to pieces and ripping out our finest mainline from the Midlands to the Capital.    
    • Had we electrified the London Extension of the Great Central Railway in the 1960's, instead of running it down and finally closing our newest and by far the best main line from the Midlands into London - we would have had a ready-made HS2   Stupid, stupid, stupid!!
    • The "Photography Course" link in your signature doesn't work. It appears to be a dead link. ("Not Found") Please update your signature block with a live link. I will remove the existing link from your signature block as I can't have too many dead links on the site. (It's bad for my search engine rankings...)
    • I was going to entitle this thread "Where are the Men of Vision", simply because the person that I had in mind was the late, great Sir Edward Watkin (26 September 1819 – 13 April 1901) - who, as far as I am concerned, was one of the last and, indisputably, among the greatest visionaries that this planet has ever known.   You can do a Google search, just as easily as I can. But, just to make it easy for you, you can click on this, if you want to know more: Wikipedia - Sir Edward Watkin   Frankly, I really don't mind whether the next great visionary - if ever there is one - is, female, male, gender neutral,  LGBTQ (or whatever they call it) - as long as they revive HS2 and basically reroute it, as closely as humanly possible, along the route of the former London Extension of the Great Central Railway.   All linked in to the Channel Tunnel, of course - exactly as Sir Edward Watkin had it all worked-out in the 1890's!!
    • 2005... Now that's a blast from the past!
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