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Found 12 results

  1. 594 downloads

    The Victoria Rose Inn Gananoque Ontario. Based on a photo by "Jimmy." The photo was copied with Jim's very kind permission... and I hope that I didn't make too much of a mess of this!! You can see the photo on which I based the pastel painting, at:
  2. From the album: Night Photography and Lights Reflecting in Water

    The colorful lights of the Senate Building, reflected in the water of the inner harbour at Victoria, B.C. (Canada,) on Christmas day, 2006
  3. The month I separated from my first wife, the film The Way We Were was released. It was October 1973 and I was living in Australia. That marriage had begun six years before in Canada. I did not see the film until several years later. I don’t remember when but this afternoon, in another October nearly 40 years later, during my retirement from the job world, I chanced to see two or three short segments of that film.1 I won’t give you the story of the plot or all the details leading to its release because you can easily google all the details about the film at several internet sites. I was especially interested, though, in the beginning of the story which was told in flashback. It was the story of a Katie Morosky and Hubbell Gardiner, who met at college on 3 June 1937. It was about this time that my parents first met. They both worked at the Otis Elevator Company in Hamilton Ontario. In that year, 1937, the Baha’i teaching Plan, a Plan I have been associated with for nearly sixty years, was first implemented in North America. Morosky and Gardiner met again after WW2. They fell in love and married. By then, my parents had also married and I was one to two years old. Arthur Laurents(1917-2011), an American playwright, stage director and screenwriter, wrote the original screenplay which became, eventually, the movie. While an undergraduate at Cornell University, Laurents was introduced to political activism by a member of the Young Communist League. This student was the model for Laurents, of Katie Morosky, a fiery campus radical who organized rallies and a peace strike. The memory of her fervour remained with Laurents long after he lost touch with Morosky and Cornell University. Laurents also wrote the 1958 musical West Side Story and the 1959 musical Gypsy, based on the memoirs of the stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. In 1962 Laurents directed the film I Can Get It for You Wholesale which helped to turn the then-unknown Barbra Streisand into a star. How Streisand and Robert Redford become the two main characters in the film I watched this afternoon and which began with this experience of Laurents in 1937 is a complex story which can also be found at Wikipedia.2 --Ron Price with thanks to 1ABC1, 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and 2Wikipedia, 8 October 2011. You1 were beginning to find success in my first years of contact with this new Faith,2 & it was coincidental that The Way We Were was released in the same month my first wife and I came to separate……..A whole new success story resulted for Streisand and Redford and a whole new life trajectory opened for me Downunder where I would lay my bones long after that movie The Way We Were.3 1 Arthur Laurents wrote the screenplay West Side Story which opened in 1958 2 My first association with the Baha’i Faith was 1953 and I joined in 1959 3 October 1973 Ron Price 9 October 2011
  4. This is one of the many ships of this type to ply the Great Lakes of Canada and the U.S.A.

    © c

  5. Guest

    Sunset in Victoria B.C., Canada

    This is a sunset photograph taken from Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C., Canada. The colours were so vibrant that I could not resist capturing them
  6. I subtitled this one "Bird-watching" because it basically arose out of my passion for watching 'birds' - i.e. me watching the 'bird' with the camera! This photo was taken along the foreshore at Victoria B.C. (Canada) on Christmas day, 2006
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