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  1. Happy birthday, Jim!

  2. Thank God for this site as I would have lost 90% of my photos not being able to get on Facebook anymore!

    1. Jim Winsor

      Jim Winsor

      Lots more excellent photos to come in the little while.

    2. smb


      'Looking forward to seeing them!

      (See! At least I looked after your old ones for you!!) :)

  3. Found my password ok. Please see my message I sent you on messenger

  4. Here you will find all the various types of ships on the Great Lakes of North America. Some have long since gone to the bone yard and many others are still sailing (older ones) under different names and with different Great Lakes Companies. The main types here are either straight deck bulk carriers - meaning they depend on a shore based unloading facility for means of unloading their cargo. Such as coal,grain or iron ore pellets. Many others seen here are of the self unloading variety. Meaning they have a fixed unloading belt drive system to discharge their cargo to the shore facility.
  5. Show everyone if you want to that is exactly where you live.
  6. This is where I live exactly...My link
  7. I,m sorry I,m not understanding this there seems to be nothing here and I,m not going to download this not knowing exactly what it is.As there is no explaination given.
  8. Heres mine http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/storm_watch_stories3&stormfile=severe_storm_headed_for_sout_310111&warningtype=sw?ref=stormwatch_home
  9. Hello everyone I am just taking a minute to send a greeting out and let you know I am making this my new home.i had some bad vibrations over at myshippassion.com and am now making this my comfortable new home.i like the way well I,ll say one member here makes you feel.......WELCOME.I hope some more of you will reach out to make me feel at home here as well.As most of you are very silent I find.And it seems hard to get you out of the woodwork.Vic has a very good thing going here and I hope no one spoils it for him as what is happening to the other site.It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel I find.I hope Vic you can keep the rules strickly enforced here.As things were really going down hill elsewhere and no one was stepping up to the plate to make any enforcement.Again I hope to see more than Vic on here.So a big warm hello from your friend from Canada and I hope everyone gets to see and enjoy my work here and over at custom freaks.
  10. If you can't sleep; don't count sheep... talk to the shepherd.
  11. I was recently out driving in my car. I noticed a sign board... It said... If a fly had no wings I guess it would be called a walk.
  12. I was into Vics I guess the proper name is (SMB)this morning and was very troubled by the images of abuse I was seeing going on there where everyones on here seems to be.I could not believe my eyes in what I was seeing.He had some very troubling images there that brought a lump in my throat and a tear to my eye.I could not help but wonder why this sort of thing is allowed to happen.If this was going on over here in Canada you would be arrested tried in court and given a very stiff jail term.It is not at all tollerated over here.Abuse to an animal here is the same as committing a crime against a human being.And stiffer laws are at times being passed in parliment by our law makers.This seems as though it may be a very sticky subject where you people originate.But I felt I must touch on the subject.If I see this sort of thing taking place on the T.V.I am very quick to change the chanal or turn it off completely.As I said somewhere else recently here I LOVE MY ANIMALS.......All the best to everyone Regards Jim.
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