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    From the album: randomness

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    My vocation as a lead lab technician at a recycling plant for the aerospace industry allows me to pick up super alloys when I find something that looks interesting.
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    Great piece! Is this made of recyclable materials?
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    From the album: Manila, Philippines

    Judging by the amount of steel, this is going to be yet another pretty substantial building - crammed into a very small plot of land. Corner of Santa Monica and Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila - December 2019
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    That's better! Now it makes it a little bit more obvious what one is clicking on!
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    From the album: Digital

    To the other members who wants to be included in the icon please send me your HD picture here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15NMVZe4XM4R_1XLzzLko_-iU_BIDXmh1 Thanks
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    From the album: Photography by Lois

    Shot last 2016 in DLSU-D
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    From the album: Traditional Art

    Recreated Antonio del Pollaiuolo's Archangel Michael and the Dragon last 2017.
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    Very good!! Now, click on that "dragon" keyword that I inserted - and you will see what I meant about the usefulness of the keywords in general - and 'visitor retention' in particular!
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    Or Manila Bay Dusk, if you prefer! Photo taken from the 32nd floor of a building in Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila.
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    From the album: I wish you were beer!

    I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was somewhere in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) - but I do remember that beer. And very nice it was too!
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    Some photos of some of the more memorable pints that I have had. (Well... these things keep me going when I am on a dry ship - or in Bangkok, where I have yet to find a decent watering hole...)
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    Photo taken from onboard CS Limin Venture, sometime in February 2019, whilst engaged in the IKK Padang - Mentawi submarine cable installation project off the South coast of Sumatera, Indonesia.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    "Alessio Cortez was a Captain of the Crimson Fists. He was known to instill a sense of stubborn pride in his men and to carry on fighting no matter what, ignoring wounds that would even stop a Space Marine." This is a conversion of a Space Marine Sternguard to create the hero of the 4th company, Cortez who amongst the Crimson Fists, is legend. His wargear isn't 100% accurate, however I did make this model many years ago.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Wish I had more of these running legs and Eviscerator Chainswords, one of my favourite models, however would like to take a bash at making this guy again simply to loosen the pose a bit as it's very.. tight.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    The Sargent of the Assault Squad, sporting a sweet powerfist and plasma pistol.
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Ran out if MK6 helms..
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    From the album: Warhammer

    This model, was actually one of the first models I made many, many years ago when I bought my very first Space Marine Tactical Squad. The torso and legs are ancient, I removed the original arms as they were not only damaged but ruined by the heretical painting of FunkuBoy Jr when he first started painting his models. SO! Arms and head replaced and re painted with my current skill. Though my army has too many officers, this one will always hold a special place for both nostalgia and the fact I saved it from being discarded into the "Corpse Pile" box.
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    Home along da riles! The rails of the railway track lines aglow with a beautiful November sunset near Surbiton in Surrey, South of England, UK.

    © Tim Penycate

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    From the album: Animal

    A carrier pigeon sit on a gravelly walkway.

    © Free

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    pěkné,zajímavé i přes obecný objekt
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    From the album: Contemporary art

    ARTIST:RAFI TALBY Contemporary art Finishing and polishing with a digital this Digital file (jpg 17.8 mega) is available for sale with PayPal And can be downloaded or sent directly by email after payment PRICE: only 2 us Dollar my site: http://rafitalby.webs.com Print this picture (Several dimensionsin,high resolution,Excellent quality) is available also at: www.redbubble.com/people/rafitalby http://rafi-talby.fineartamerica.com http://RT3D.imagekind.com http://rt3d.deviantart.com http://www.zazzle.com/rafitalby http://rafitalby.finerworks.com for more Details: rt3d64@gmail.com enjoy!


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    From the album: Other Old Works

    Impressionist art painting Fisherman with his catch

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

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    From the album: Other Old Works

    Yakap is tagalog for "embrace" In this impressionistic painting, we see two Filipino children embracing sweetly as very close friends - or even brother and sister

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

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