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    From the album: Assorted Photos

    At Acienda Silang Cavite
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    Great piece! Is this made of recyclable materials?
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    Hey all. I'm a struggling amature comic arist, I LOVE producing comics but struggle to make interesting and dynamic pannels. That and I can't seem to be able to keep my drive long enough to maintain constant production. SO! Anyone got an ideas, hits or tips that may help? Cheers.
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    capturing the velvety dew on the pedals is tough. Did it work? The grey's attempt it, but I just don't know. Interested in the technique?
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    That's better! Now it makes it a little bit more obvious what one is clicking on!
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    From the album: Warhammer

    Wish I had more of these running legs and Eviscerator Chainswords, one of my favourite models, however would like to take a bash at making this guy again simply to loosen the pose a bit as it's very.. tight.
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    Dear group my name is John Thomas Vaina and I have published a book about my father called Art Unseen. (Dead link removed by admin.) Please help me get the word out. Thanks, John Vaina
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    From the album: Clouds re-discovered

    Cloud formation at night

    © knockout10

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    From the album: Sikander's Art works


    © sikander singh

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    Blooms in Water Color for Mommies & Grannies Paint pretty flowers you can display in your home using water color. In this class moms will learn the various techniques in water color painting, de-stress, relax, and let their creativity and imagination loose. Projects will be various blooms and vibrant colors to soothe and please the eyes and the heart. With Teacher Marcial Pontillas Landscape Wonders for Daddies and Grand Daddies Be an expert Landscape painter using watercolors and make the ordinary landscapes come alive. Awaken the artist child in you with this water color class that will teach the basics of watercolor landscape painting. Get away from the busyness of the day and relax as you let the paint and the brush clear your mind. With Teacher Marcial Pontillas Arts & Crafts for KIDS (4-8 Years Old), Tweens (9-12 Years Old) & Teens (13 & up) Theme: Earth Avengers Educate, empower and impassion kids to care and preserve the environment. Each session is filled with stories, discussions, and arts & crafts activities that will spark environmental awareness and enhance your child's skills and artistic prowess. With Teacher Rigette Gutierrez Drawing & Painting for KIDS (4-8 Years Old), Tweens (9-12 Years Old) & Teens (13 & up) Learn the basic elements of design such as Art Materials, Colors, Lines, Shapes, Form, & Texture in a fun and exciting way! Kids will experience using different mediums such as pencil, oil pastel, water color, acrylic paint and sometimes they could even mix them all together! With Teacher Ryan Ladyong Fun Photography 8 Years Old & Above Learn to see in a more creative way and shoot away! Learn to use available light, shadows, form and texture to take stunningly beautiful pictures. Become more familiar with your camera and its functions. Other Art Workshops Available: Oil Pastel Pen & Ink Anime & Comic Strip Sculpture Oil & Acrylic Painting Air Brush Happy Yoga Photography Photo Manipulation My Little Art Place 409.4122 • 0915.939.5723 222 Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines • facebook.com/mylittleartplace
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    Wow. Talk about a late reply. Streaming, just basically broadcasting my work, as I work. It's super rare that I do it.
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    It took years for me to learn some very basic stuff about photographing my art. Today's point and shoots digital camera's are so much better, but be careful, there are some very special features that you really have got to have in order to shoot oil paintings. One feature that will allow you to get about 95% glare out of the print! Using a CPL filter, circular polarizing lens. More info here on how to get the lens for your camera, or at least what to look for on the camera to see if you can even add it! What features to look for in a digital camera and more info on actually shooting the work. Shooting your own work the easy way!
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    When you draw a live caricature on a party there is no rubber to help. Most of the time you have to improvise in order to achieve the demanding result.
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    Occasionally I like to hang out late in the evening watching a good doco....here is a prose-poem about such an experience.-Ron Price, Australia -------------------------------------- Ronald Reagan(1911-2004) was a busy fellow from the beginning of the Baha
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    These are some of the historic and old buildings in the surrounding area where I live. Be sure to look closely because a lot of the photos have direct links to the info on that particular place in the photo.
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    From the album: Ships Of The Great Lakes -- Welland Canal 2019 Week Trip

    Seen here exiting lock 3 Welland Canal.1997
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    This has also been a struggle of mine, especially online. If however you would like to go the gallery route, here are some great articles that discuss this entire process. And it does work. I need to update my own blog as I now have had a 4th gallery contact me to represent my work, all based on a mailing of an art package and brochure! Art Marketing 101
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    GOOGLE-MICROSOFT In the first year after I retired from FT work, July 1999 to July 2000, Google officially became the world's largest search engine. With its introduction of a billion-page index by June 2000 much of the internet's content became available in a searchable format at one search engine. In the next several years, 2000-2005, as I was retiring from PT work as well as casual and most volunteer activity that had occupied me for decades, Google entered into a series of partnerships and made a series of innovations that brought their vast internet enterprize billions of users in the international marketplace. Not only did Google have billions of users, but internet users like myself throughout the world gained access to billions of web documents in Google
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    From the album: LATEST WORKS 2009

    Figurative Painting of North of Argentina, its people and customs. Canvas oil with palette knife. Size: 120 cm. X 100 cm. Year: 2009.
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    From the album: LATEST WORKS 2009

    Figurative Painting of North of Argentina, its people and customs. Canvas oil with palette knife. Size: 40 cm. X 50 cm. Year: 2009.
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    There are also other planet who have chocolates... They're just not yet been found..
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    From the album: Baligja

    Art by Sam Penaso - Painting from the "Baligja" (sari-sari store or tindahan) series

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

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    Do you? How much? What do you think you can do for it's name?
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