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  1. Welcome back!

    Long time, no see...!!

  2. Hi welcome to artfreaks so glad you found this site, nice work out you have
  3. Hello was just wondering how an artist can have an exhibit in manila. Anybody knows?
  4. clairelunar

    clairelunar artworks

    an online storage of ym works
  5. hello thanks for the advice I'll try to do that
  6. Hello sarah I visited your site I really like your work
  7. Hello there! I'm a person who enjoys arts and crafts. I am into fashion sewing, ikebana a japanese style flower arrangement and painting. I spend my days doing these activities. I am currently enrolled at Slim's fashion school in Makati to obtain a formal knowledge on sewing. I'm trying to pursue a second course, painting. I'm interested to meet people with the same hobbies so we can share tips and share each other's work online.
  8. Hello! Welcome to artfreaks.com! Enjoy it while it lasts... :)

  9. clairelunar

    smb's struggle!

    Gosh I am so happy discovering this site again. Thank you so much for making it work
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