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  1. Alright everyone, UK's just went into lockdown due to the C Virus, I know a good few of you are over seas where shit is much worse.

    I hope you all are doing okay, stay isolated, stay strong we'll all get through this one way or another.

    Take care everyone!!

    1. smb


      You take care too!! And people... Don't get too stressed... It is important to observe the lock-down rules for the time-being, in order to prevent the National Health Service from becoming overwhelmed. But it seems that a substantial part of the UK population may already be immune. (New research from Oxford University... See my latest post in my "Dreaded Lurgy" thread in the forums...)

      'Too early to get over-excited just yet - but there is definitely a glimmer of hope!! :)

      The moral of the story, keep your immune system in peak condition - (so no stress!!) - and keep your hands clean at all times.


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