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  1. smb

    Happy Birthday!

  2. smb

    Ah... And now we go and change things again! A new version of the Gallery software has been installed on the site. It should be an improvement on the old one but please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems with it. I want to make this site work! ;)

  3. That is the point. Physical galleries are not as needed as they were, nor are agents, because we have the web. The web is actually becoming a far more effective place to show and will continue to improve. We also have coffee shops in this region that have shows that do very well, while there is a gallery directly across the street that is not doing well at all. We also have many events in this area that are very successful. People come from around the world to visit our Renaissance Fair in Kansas City. Here in this tiny little river town we have a fall art show that brings people in from all across the country. Events and websites are very effective ways to sell, but still require some theme. People just don't buy unknown art for investing like they once did. They buy it to have a token of some place they visited or something they were part of. It really isn't about the selling. It is more about making a difference with me ~ to do some good. I do art to have an impact. If I get paid ~ that is good only in that it provides funds to do more art.
  4. I figured it out. Thanks.

  5. I figured it out. Thanks.

  6. smb

    Basically, with the existing albums in the Art and Photography (Collaborative) sections of the Gallery - you just need to be at the index page for the album that you want to upload images to. You will only see an upload link when you are at the index page...

  7. smb

    Hopefully, this should explain things:


    (My apologies for the fact that some of the info. is really basic. The guide was intended to be of use to those with very limited knowledge of computers...)

  8. The Bordellos evolved from there to selling clothing, makeovers, massage, much more jewelry, and nineteenth century bordello antiques. We catered to only coeds and those coeds were invited to spend the day doing homework and being pampered as well as spend money. They all needed to spend that money. Most especially when heading out at the end of semesters so they could have some memento of so strange a place as The Bordello. Again, this is another example of Life Theater that sells art. It puts those hyphenations about the work ~ much like Dali's mustache.
  9. I should add also that the age of the art gallery is past ~ as is the age of the agent now that we have the internet. Galleries don't matter anymore. When they do they are like the,
  10. There is another thing about paintings that makes it difficult for some to sell. This is a delicate subject. I tend to step on artistic toes when I bring this up. Many artists tend to think in terms of emulating dead styles and dead technology, forgetting how conscious those like Da Vinci and Dali were aware of technology and those tricks it can lend the artist to trick the eye. That is what we do. We trick the eye. We are illusionists tricking the viewer into a sense of perspective, luminance, and life. As an example, I pioneered a method before computers made it so easy to animate a painting that was executed on multiple layers of Lucite. The layers were not only painted, but they were engraved, etched, and abraded to refract light to predefined ends as one changed position relative to the image and the ambient light. As one moves about the room what was static becomes dynamic. We need to start painting beyond the canvas. We need to start thinking beyond painting when we paint. It was Dali who infuriated his master by lifting the paper to capture a beard as part of a sketching assignment. We all know who Dali is, because such a trickster. No one really knows who that teacher is, because too uptight to play our game. There is so much available to us now. Not to use all available to us is the leading cause of artist failure.
  11. A cabochon is a very simple way of finishing a stone or piece of glass. All that is needed to do it from raw material is an inexpensive diamond band saw and a wet belt sander. I also do Lucite, a high grade of acrylic, into cabochon. That material can be done intirely by hand. It is basically just flat on the back (where the image will be applied) and rounded on the show side. They are most often oval or egg shaped. One can buy them ready made, but even in stone the setup and skill in making them is very doable. It is rather relaxing at that. There are tricks to doing this well of course. I will gladly get into the whole thing in detail ~ but later. I am in the process of doing an upgrade on SPAWN ARSENAL and will be doing some online courses this summer when that is complete. I will gladly link that here. I don
  12. spawn


    This is SPAWN BRIDGE with the easel attachment. There are many attachments that go with these "crab arms" and other sturdier arms for more substantial attachments.
  13. spawn


    My work is a website but this is a bit of what is there, out of context.
  14. Maybe I can help with that as things progress. It is an area I don't have trouble with. When I blossom in the spring I do photo shoots that more or less demonstrate a concept that never fails. I will try to post some of this years coming out here. Mind you, there are some important subset details that are very important ~ especially with the economy the way it is. I address those as well. For example, a painting is dead weight, market wise, right now. But there are many ways that a painting can be processed ~ especially in the digital age. Maybe I can
  15. Many struggle with this issue of selling. Many also struggle with the muse, running out of creative ideas at times. I deal with these two issues as one and in a different sort of way. If we find the true nature of demographic, it is way too diverse for our muse to ever abandon us. As for selling, we are cunning enough to create, are we not? We merely make marketing our canvas and we are certain to sell as well as we create. The nature of the SPAWN series is
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