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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I got prize for interschool painting competetion

  3. I got prize for interschool painting competetion

    1. smb


      Congratulations! (Don't forget to upload the winning artwork here!)

  4. Thank You. Yes, My mom helps me to upload my drawings.
  5. Iam Jui. Iam now 7 year old. My mom said I cannot have facebook account but presented me this website to share my art with the whole world. Iam so happy. Mom calls me art freak and this web site also is called art freak.
  6. Mom says I am a good artist.

    1. smb


      So do I!

      You have a great talent. Keep it up!

  7. Thank You so much. I feel very inspired.
  8. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

    You are now a Full Member of the Forums.

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  9. This is first ever portrait I tried at my age 6.
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