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  1. It would be nice to see you back at artfreaks.com, some time!

  2. So a new year begins. Time to go out and take my first photograph of the year :)

  3. I think you make a fair point. I don't mind people using my general photography as long as they attribute it correctly and they are not trying to profit from it. My general work is here at Flickr However for my gallery prints, I don't put these online at full size as they are strictly limited editions and I can't afford to devalue them for those who collect my work. Happy new year ))
  4. RussellChapman

    Night Lights

    © Russell Chapman

  5. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! You are now a Full Member of the Forums. This means that any uploading, searching or messaging restrictions that you will have encountered as a validating member should now have been lifted...

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