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Found 27 results

  1. 'Not too much time for painting in recent years... I have a portrait of my youngest daughter on the go - and I will definitely finish it one day. (I started it when she was 16. She is now 19 - so I will have to finish it while she is, technically at least, still a teenager!) Photography... Well, this little blog of mine is also supposed to be about some of my attempts at photography, so here are a few snaps I took of the Shinkansen, on a recent (work-related) trip to Japan. Welcome, to the Shin-Kan-Sen!! (You have to pause for a very brief moment after "Welcome" - and say it with pride!!) The photos I posted on Facebook created quite a few comments and I have reproduced some of these below: Vic Rolfe I was talking about the Shinkansen to a friend in Kokura. He said he couldn't understand what was so special about the Shinkansen! "It's just a train, right?" Just a train??!!!! Well... I suppose - for Japan, yes!! Luis Reyes Ordinary train lng sa kanila FB Friend:" Beautiful, wish we had those here in Australia. " Vic Rolfe Ideal country for it... Japan has spent a stupendous amount of money over the years building that network. At least, you wouldn't need too many tunnels, for a start off! Vic Rolfe City center to city center, all over Japan. Every station on the Shinkansen network is surrounded by hotels, so you just get off the train and walk for two minutes to your hotel. In Japan, unless you are going from one end of the country to the other, it is actually quicker than flying, by the time you get stuck in a traffic jam just getting to the airport. Then you have to check in and get through security. Luis Reyes Ganda ng train Vic Rolfe These things don't spend all day in the station, either. They arrive on time and they have to leave on time - exactly to the second. Hence the announcement as you slow down on the approach to Hakata (Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan) "If you are planning to get off at the next station, then you need to get all your stuff ready NOW and start making your way towards the doors.." (or words to that effect!!) I am not sure how long they stop for - but it can't be very long! That's for sure... 1 minute? 2 minutes max!!
  2. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    Another awesome train at Kokura Station. (I used to be a train-spotter, you know? Does it show?!!) 😎 😄 😂 Shinkansen 新幹線 (pronounced: Shin-Kan-Sen) refers to the rail system, not the trains that run on it! 新幹線 translates, word-for-word as "New trunk line" - in other words, it's a dedicated high speed rail network. When I was in school, we used to call the trains that ran on the Shinkansen, "Bullet Trains" (Some people still do!) Here's an East-bound or "Up" train at Kokura Station in Kita Kyushu - on a very brief stop before hurtling off towards Tokyo.
  3. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    A beautiful JR 500 Shinkansen train. 博多新幹線駅 Photo taken at Hakata Shinkansen Station in Northern Kyushu, Japan
  4. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    Super train! The body of N-500 Shinkansen looks more like the fuselage of a jet plane! Photo taken at Hakata Shinkansen Station in Northern Kyushu
  5. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    I really must get into the habit of uploading photos before I have forgotten all the details...
  6. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    博多新幹線駅 Photo taken at Hakata Shinkansen Station in Northern Kyushu, Japan
  7. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    'Making a brief stop at Hakata - before belting off at 300kmh for Kagoshima!! :D
  8. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    This beats flying any day! A lot more leg room - and a better sensation of speed. There's actually quite a lot of people in this carriage but the Japanese are not noted for being particularly tall - which is why you can only see half of them!!
  9. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    Rapidly acclerating out of Kokura, you can feel the G-force pushing you back in your seat!
  10. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    Just outside Kokura - rapidly picking up speed as we head towards Hakata on the Shinkansen
  11. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    The Shinkansen is Japan's high-speed rail network. The trains that run on the network, ("Bullet Trains") in the West, are smooth, slick, quiet - and very fast! They run in the region of 300km/h. Running from city center to city center all over Japan - (and without the need to check-in one hour before departure!) - they can make getting to where you actually need to be quicker than flying, if you are going anything less than from one end of the country to the other!
  12. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    Kokura Station in Kita Kyushu, Japan - whilst waiting for my own train to Hakata, Fukuoka
  13. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    'Looks like a dream - and goes like a bat out of hell! 300km/h and smooth as silk. Very quiet too... All you can really hear is the humming of electric motors as they pick up speed.
  14. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    A brief stop at Kokura, before belting off for Hakata!! (Fukuoka)
  15. From the album: Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    A Tokyo-bound express train on the Shinkansen at 小倉新幹線駅 Kokura Sinkansen Station
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