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Молодая творческая тенденция в искусстве. Теория Палеоконтакта в массовой культуре... A young creative trend in art. The theory of Paleocontact in popular culture...




There are many styles and trends in fine art in the world (from naive art to hyperrealism). Ufolism is a young trend in the visual arts. Its founder is the Russian artist DiezelSun (Alexander Tatarnikov). In his paintings, he depicts ancient Gods (representatives of the extraterrestrial world). Ancient artifacts are good sources for the realization of creative ideas. Many ancient artifacts depict an extraterrestrial world. In some of the artist's paintings there is romanticism, because beautiful women are depicted (Goddesses of love, Goddesses of fertility, etc.) Also, this topic is related to the theory and hypothesis of Paleocontact, all this is very interesting and you begin to think about the history of the Earth, and the Earth's history is not simple.




Ancient symbolism in the artist's work.



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