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Here's one...

From a recent weekend trip by Rail and London Underground, from Norwich (Norfolk, East Anglia), to Highbridge and Burnham in South West England:


For some reason or other, Greater Anglia were not operating a direct service, all the way through from Norwich to London Liverpool Street. (There was a bus link in place but I really don't do those things...) So I went via Cambridge - stop, stop, stop all the way to London.

After boarding a Gteat Western Railways train at London Padinhton, the usual dash down the Bristol Main Line came to an unceremonious end at Reading. The train departed from the Bristol Main Line, whereupon the GWR lived up to their old nickname of the Great Way Round! So instead of continuing down the Bristol Main Line, we went via Newbury, linking round just North of Westbury, then up through Bath Spar and Bristol Temple Meads - before heading back down towards Taunton In Devon...

And to cap it all, when I tried to excape the racket of a load of drunken girls singing their heads off, I found the next carriage was completely blocked by a bunch of drunken football louts standing in the ailse shouting above the din of their own booring bloody football songs.


The journey from hell!!

There were seats available but I chose to stand in the lobby (or whatever you call it?!) by the doors at the end of the train carriage, from WSM to Highbridge...

I couldn't take any more of it.


Tagalog version...

Lalo kapag weekend. Diverted ang mga train. Mabagal. Ang haba nang biyerhe. Lasing ang mga babae. Kanta nang kanta sa buong lakas nang mga boses nila. Walang consideration sa mga ibang pasahero.

Tas lipat ako sa ibang car sa train... Aba!! May mga football hooligans na lalake. Grabe ang lakas nang boses. Lasing na lasing. Kanta pa ang mga football songs.

Nagtayo lang ako sa gitna nang mga carriage para lang makaiwas sa ingay nila. Babae na hooligans sa likod. Lalake na hooligans sa harap.

Jus ko po. Ayaw ko na.




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