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Manic-depressive painting and trying to get back into the swing...





I've been manically busy with this and some of my other websites for most of my present vacation, (from my work as a seaman.) And yes - I have also been going through one or two pretty minor depressions. Nothing serious, you understand - just the normal stuff that anyone would suffer, when they have been putting their heart, sole, all their energy and almost every waking hour; day after day into a task that they know may or may not eventually reap rewards - or might just as easily end-up in complete failure!!! Not to mention the fact that although I do enjoy building websites - I'd much rather be painting. Or taking my lovely Pit Bull terrier for long walks!


Anyway, when I was just about at breaking point with the amount of time and energy I was spending on constructing and running websites, I decided it was time to take a break and get back into some painting before I got called back to my job at sea.


The below effort was about my third attempt at painting a pastel portrait from a photo of a lovely Thai girl, called Tussinee. Each attempt was getting progressively worse than the previous. When I finally realized that I just wasn't in the mood for painting, I lost my patience with it and defaced the thing completely. Then again, when I looked at it, I just thought; "Hey! I'm going to keep this one!"



Posted Image

Tussinee - One (The Manic-Depressive Art Version!)



The disaster with "Tussinee - One" did help to get something-or-other out of my system. Somehow, I quite like that painting. I decided to keep it, as it represents a small part of my life... Anyway, the fact that I had something that I actually wanted to keep - rather than burning, along with all the other failed attempts, prompted me into starting my 4th attempt at doing justice to the lovely Tussinee...



Posted Image

Tussinee - Two (The 4th Attempt!!)


Still not quite what I wanted... In many ways, more scary than my "Manic-Depressive" version of this painting in Tussinee - One!! Still... I feel myself getting back into the mood to paint - which has to be a good thing. At least, it has to be more healthy than sitting in front of a computer screen the WHOLE day?!!



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Hi smb! I just wanted to let you know that we kind of have some similar experiences..just different circumstances. Anyway, what i got from your first attempt at your painting(I apologize..I don't remember the name)of the female portrait is actually quite interesting to me. It represents your expression of emotions and marks a point in the timeline of your life. I find that my struggle is I go through phases where my work is flowing smoothly and then all of a sudden BAM! I run into a block where I cannot do anything..nothing. So, I have to learn to recognize these blocks and possibly examine what happened previously or after my attempt and try to correct the problem next time. Currently, I have no real definitive answers, but I keep trudging along instead of throwing my hands up in the air! Don't think of the attempts that you consider failure...well a failure, think of them as an experience and they represent a point in your life--so you're expressing that in your art! I like the first portraiture, I think it could be an abstract and repesent a dark place in your life, JMHO. Good luck, but don't give up. :D

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Good luck, but don't give up. :D

Hi! Thanks for your comments. I must admit, I also prefer "Tussinee - One (The Manic-Depressive Art Version!)" to

"Tussinee - Two (The 4th Attempt!!)"

I think version "Two" is a little bit scary!!

Yeah... It's a difficult one, that - trying to paint when you are really not in the mood... When I am on leave from my job as a seaman, I tend to spend a lot of time sitting at my computers, working on websites and stuff. (I usually have two computers on the go; both using different networks, in order to be able to cope with slow and unreliable connections in the Philippines.) Anyway, sometimes I spend too much time at my computers and it wears me down. So then I take to doing a bit of painting in order to relax myself. Sometimes I find the creative process a wonderful tonic. Other times I just can't get my self in the mood and I end-up wasting a lot of expensive art materials...

This can be a real dilemma... I want to paint, in order to get myself back into good spirits - but I CAN'T paint because I am feeling down!???!!

I guess I should try some form of exercise or doing something totally different, in order to get me back into the right mood for painting?

I might give that one a try, next time I run up against a brick wall!

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