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hello there.....




Hello people...Sorry I haven't been on here but have had all kinds of things going on.....like new drawings and playing with digital painting.....What fun it is learning a lot and still more to learn I think its endless...lol......

And I am including a sample with me as the star....lol.....enjoy



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  • Root Admin

Hi! Welcome back!

'Hope to see more of your art here soon...

By the way... Just when I thought that I had got the forum skin problems sorted, I found that I could not post a comment here. I just switched skins from the IPS Beyond one and I am currently using "Clients Green..."

Oh well. One day artfreaks.com will get famous and I'll be able to afford a whole team of software developers... Maybe?!! Well, we can all live in hope! For the mean-time, if any member finds that a certain feature is not working as it should, it is always worth trying a quick switch of skins. (When you are logged-in, there is a little drop-down menu at the bottom left-hand side of the main forum pages. Currently, you can choose from four different skins.)

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