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Tell us about your voyages of discovery - or where you just like to hang out! Where's the best place in town to get a beer, chill-out, eat, see a good band or simply enjoy yourself?

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    • I've just started reading a book called "Men Explain Things to Me" by Rebecca Solnit. The dedication reads: (my emphasis)   Well... Having a mother, a sister, two nieces and three wonderful daughters, I would say that you can count me in there! This is a very interesting book. Deadly serious in places but laced throughout with Rebecca's ferocious humor!! (I'll try to find a better word than "ferocious" to describe her sense of humor - but that will have to do for now...) One thought that struck me as soon as I started to get into the book is that men explain things to me too. I think it must me a "man thing"? So don't worry, Rebecca. It's not just women that men try to explain things to. They do it to each other. All the flippin time!!    I have lost count, for instance, of all the men who have been explaining to me recently about the new coronavirus. As if I'd never even heard of it?!! Okay, okay... So I have been locked-down on a ship for the best part of five months now. But we do have internet on here. And I can actually read the news.
    • Here's someone talking some sense, for once in this crisis: You don't need to take my word for it. This is from a former Supreme Court Judge in the UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8281007/Former-Supreme-Court-judge-LORD-SUMPTION-gives-withering-critique-Governments-lockdown.html
    • Well-worth a read: https://www.icfj.org/news/swedens-top-epidemiologist-challenges-conventional-wisdom-covid-19   And well-worth watching: https://unherd.com/thepost/coming-up-epidemiologist-prof-johan-giesecke-shares-lessons-from-sweden/?=thepostindexfrmemail
    • Here we go... WFP Chief warns of hunger pandemic as COVID-19 spreads And:   I would just rephrase that bit about: "...the economic impact of COVID-19..." to something more along the lines of:   "...the collective insanity of the majority of governments around the world, causing a total economic melt-down in the world economy... Burying their heads in the sand until it was far too late - and then going completely over the top in a unison of utter blind panic."   Or something like that.    
    • I've just re-read everything that I have posted in this topic - just to make sure that I hadn't written anything totally stupid in the early days of the covid-19 pandemic. Well, having re-read that lot, I can honestly say that I didn't feel any need to edit a single word. My position hasn't changed. Your best defense against any virus, (new or otherwise,) that causes an acute disease - is your own immune system. So look after your immune system. If you must panic, then do it slowly. I'm all for social distancing - mainly because I am a miserable old so-and-so anyway!  Stress is a major enemy, when it comes to your immune system. So do try to get people back to work before we end up destroying whole industries and millions of jobs - which can only possibly result in a complete economic catastrophic. (If we get away with two or three years of a severe world-wide economic depression, now, I will consider that we have been very lucky...) So try not to turn a crisis into a complete disaster? Here's some interesting reading on what they know - (and don't know, yet) - about SARS-Cov-2 so far, with particular reference to anti-bodies and the immune system: (Needless to say, it tallies with my own personal point of view - otherwise I wouldn't have posted the link here!!) https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/20/everything-we-know-about-coronavirus-immunity-and-antibodies-and-plenty-we-still-dont/  
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