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Paco Gorospe Oil Painting



Measurements: 38 x 26 inches

Condition: Excellent

Painted: 1980s

This is an Oil Painting by Paco Gorospe, showing the city buildings on the top, Middle class houses on the centre and slum area near bottom by the sea/river and signed by Paco Gorospe on the bottom right of the picture.

My dad was a very good friend of Paco. Whenever my dad went to Manila, they would meet up and have drinks with afew more close friends. Year 1988/1989, my dad visited his shop to choose a painting, my dad chose this painting which was in Paco's office hidden from outsiders. Paco said it was his favourite collection was reluctant to give it up and showed other pieces to lure my dad away from that piece. As my dad has an eye for fine art, eventually he gave in as he knows my dad appreciates fine arts and gave it to my dad heavy-heartedly. Paco told my dad, "You are one hard guy to bargain!" FYI, his studio was set on fire 2 times before he died in Sep 2002. Sources said this piece of art would fetch around 200,000 pesos on year 2008. So any idea how much does it cost now??


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