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the face of the wounds you don't see


From the album:


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This is the kind of stuff I used to see hanging on my walls when I was staying in cheap hotels. But don't worry... One of the places I stayed at regularly - I even gave them one of my paintings - and it never even saw the light of day!!   :)

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I wouldn't say that I don't like it. It's just that, without knowing the background behind the painting - or where the artist was coming from with it, it's kind of hard for me to appreciate what it is all about.


Keep these coming.


By the way, I have tried to sell my art. I lost a lot of money in the process and even when I gave one of my paintings to a cheap hotel, they just hid it away. So far, I have never sold a single painting in my life... A couple of give-aways were appreciated - and that's enough for me now.


More power to your art! :D

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My comments were more intended to promote a reaction. Since, on that front, this website is pretty well dead and no one seems to react with anyone here.


Thank you for reacting! :D


Peace, as they say!! :)

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Are you using art as a form of therapy then, I have heard that it is very good, that said I was in an art gallery recently where they were trying to sell what to me looked like the dried out pallets used for painting than actual paintings for obscene prices. Some of yours look good to me. On the subject of selling, I have not been able to sell any of mine either, but that is probably because they are carp.

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Oh Dear... Those were the days when I was worried about not being able to sell any of my art - and trying pretty hard to drink myself to an early grave. Well, now I am not in the slightest bit interested in selling my art. So I can actually enjoy doing it - whenever I ever get the time...

And Sibley is one of the star members of this website! Thanks for sticking with it over all of these years!

Cheers!! :drinks:

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